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Careers Opportunities In India

Listed below is a ready reckoner of the Career option and Newest job choices in India.

Career as a Public Prosecutor

Career as a Public Prosecutor A Public Prosecutor, abbreviated as PP is an advocate who signifies the state or the people of the state in a criminal trial. The present criminal justice system of Indian state is based on belief that any crime committed by person or groups against others are believed to have been committed against the society. The prosecution and reprimand for the crime is the responsibility of the state and not that victim of crime. Such prosecution, on behalf of state is done by the Public Prosecutor. A Public Prosecutor can be defined as a Minister of Justice who plays a critical role in maintaining purity and impartiality in the area of administration of criminal justice.

Career in CBI

Career in CBI in IndiaMany students are more incline towards investigation and situation analysis. Career as a CBI officer is best suited to such groups. To opt this career, candidates must have passion to work under dangerous situations. Investigation is an agency which detects crime and helps to solve cases. It is also responsible for matters relating to the national security.Central Bureau of Investigation, abbreviated as CBI, is India's best investigating agency, which has great responsibility for range of criminal and national security matters. It was established on 1 April 1963 and developed from the Special Police Establishment (SPE) founded in 1941. Later on, it was brought under the Home Ministry of the Government of India.

Career as Chartered Accountant in India

Career as a Chartered Accountant in IndiaAccountancy in all areas has major responsibility to show the financial efficiency of a business or companies. With the rapid development in economy, careers in finance and accounts have gained remarkable acceptance and the most admired career option in this field is that of Chartered Accountant. Chartered Accountancy is highly rewarding but challenging career. All the nations have their own Accountancy Association which regulates the quality and quantity of the professionals in this field. Chartered Accountancy Course is a professional course in Accounting introduced in India in 1949, with the enactment of the Chartered Accountants Act.

Career as a Makeup Artist in India

Career as a makeup artist in IndiaInterior Designing is having a demanding carrier in India. As the customer nowadays very much keen about their interiors also there is a wide range of opportunities open for interior designing. It mainly comprises of interior decoration and interior designing. The interior decoration deals with choosing and assembling furnitures, furnishings, artifacts and colour schemes. Whereas, interior designing is modulate interior space with an artistic approach. An Interior Designer works are much similar to an architect.

Career as a Pilot

Pilot Pilot is one of the prestigious, toughest and promising careers around the world. It is well recognized that Pilots are highly trained and skilful professionals. The main duty of airline pilot is to operate a plane's engines and controls to navigate and fly the vessel. He or she also checks hydraulic and engine systems for pre-flight safety and monitors fuel consumption and aircraft systems in-flight. Potential pilots must satisfy a set number of flying hours and be in good physical and mental health to fly an airline carrier. Pilots must deal with possible dangers, such as jet lag, fatigue and unfavourable weather conditions. The best part of the career of pilots are that they get an opportunity to travel all over the world. Many candidates have unclear thought about the responsibility and about the various career options as a pilot.

Career as a Dietician / Nutritionist

Presently, people are very conscious about health and take advice to have nutritious diet to lead healthy life. It is well established that nutritious diet increases immunity, prevents diseases, spurs mental and physical development of children, among other things. Observing growing demand of health professionals, career as nutritionists is best as they provide helpful advice and diet plan for weight loss (or gain) and rescue people from everything ranging from diabetes to social ostracism.

Career in the Music Industry in India

Career in the Music Industry in IndiaMusic is exciting field and it is a human achievements. The music industry is growing at great pace and candidates have array of opportunities to make successful and lucrative career in India. Good musician also has recognition all over the world. With the great need of entertainment of television and radio audiences, there are numerous Jobs and Career Opportunities in the Radio Industry, India. There has also been a noticeable improvement in the demand for specialists in this field. It creates emotions and express feelings. Music also calms the mind. There is hardly anybody who is not touched by music in some way at some time in their lives. Candidates who have great talent, sincere interest, earnestness and willingness to work hard can guarantee a huge success in the field of music.

Career in Interior Designing

Interior Designing Interior Designing is having a demanding carrier in India. As the customer nowadays very much keen about their interiors also there is a wide range of opportunities open for interior designing. It mainly comprises of interior decoration and interior designing. The interior decoration deals with choosing and assembling furnitures, furnishings, artifacts and colour schemes. Whereas, interior designing is modulate interior space with an artistic approach. An Interior Designer works are much similar to an architect.

Child Psychologist as a Career

Childhood psychology is an important branch of psychology that mainly deals with study about children, mainly their development and behaviour.Child psychologists are also known as child and adolescent clinical psychologists or paediatrics clinical psychologists. It is one of the most commonly studied types of psychology today.

Archaeologist as a Career

Career in the Archaeology in IndiaThe field of archaeology has in it all the merits that call for broad view of the human race, of its development from the vicious to the civilized, which is realised in all stages of social and religious development. Archaeology is an interdisciplinary movement that spins around the investigation of material development made by previous human societies. Main aim of this field is to study past human cultures by identification, survey, and excavation of historical locations. These sites yield remains of earlier cultures in the form of remnants for example as pottery, weapons, jewellery, articles of daily use, plant, animal, and human remains and architecture.

Career In Sport Management

Sport Management as CareerSports is a huge industry and careers in sport management provide array of options for candidates having a sports management degree.Sports management experts can be found in business or sports medicine, which usually falls under the guidance of the physical education or health sciences department, and while these two areas of specialty may overlay in some cases, their focuses are different.Sports management specialists supervise the business and promotional concerns of athletic organizations or athletes. Depending on the rank, job duties are decided that include negotiating contracts and monitoring the finances of teams and athletes. Sports management specialists may also create marketing programs, manage ticket sales or engage in public relations activities.

Career in Real Estate

Real Estate is a blossoming sector that has the potential to generate huge money and enhance the financial status of country as well as the career of candidates. Although this sector offer several challenges but it is highly satisfying.Candidates who choose career in real estate can generate huge wealth and have the pleasure for contributing for the nation. A career in real estate industry needs all the skills that are needed to lift a sovereign business. Candidates who wants to achieve good position in this industry must have several connections and contacts and develop healthy relationships to get business.

Event Planner as a Career

Event PlannerEvents and celebrations have a vital role in humans especially in the life of youth. At their best, they can help create impetus and accomplish great things in the living of youth groups and the students involved. Role of event planner is crucial as well as interesting. Event planners coordinate and manage conferences, meetings and parties. Some planners solely organize a specific type of event, such as those who specialize in wedding planning. Others may work with large corporate customers or smaller private groups.

Career in Fashion Technology

Fashion technology is the combined study of fashion and technology industries. India has tremendous growth in this field. According to a recent study conducted by the Fashion design council of India (FDCI), designer wear in India has been identified as a key growth sector. The demand for fashion designer is growing day by day. Creativity is the basic qualification for a fashion designer.

Career In Digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing Industry as Career India's digital industry is booming and has shown a cosmic growth since past few years. Digital marketing spending is growing every year with a record $14 billion mark for internet advertising registered in last quarter of the year 2014, unravelling its huge potential. The Interactive advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed that mobile advertising grew 76% year-over-year from 2013 to 2014, the biggest growth segment. That was followed by social media advertising, with 57% growth. Search revenues grew only 3%, but search remained the largest overall advertising segment by far with spend of $18.4 billion in 2014 or 38% of the overall share.

Profession of Cheese Maker

Career as a cheese maker is not familiar to many individuals. Cheese making is a skill which combines the science of fermentation and microbiology with the craft of producing the good and tasty product. The cheese maker usually converts milk into cheese. The milks of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo are used for cheese production, although worldwide cow's milk is most commonly used. The cheese maker intends to reproduce product that demonstrates particular characteristics and accomplishes specific organoleptic requirements such as appearance, aroma, taste, texture every time it is made.

Career as a Gene Therapist

Gene Therapist as Career Similar to genetic engineer, there is career of gene therapist. Such candidates treat human patients with genetic illnesses. They might work in a non-medical environment as a biochemist or biophysicist, exploring living organisms such as plants used as food crops. The work of gene therapist will involve handling harmful organisms and toxins. Genetic therapy attempts to provide remedy of genetic disorders through the application of new genes.Gene therapy is the procedure of inserting genetic material into existing cells to rectify a genetic problem, health issue, or deformity. This type of work is presently in the experimental stage and most gene therapist’s work on research projects or in academia.

Career in Modeling

Modeling profession attracts to everyone and it is basically a career options for youth. This line of career is glamorous and highly competitive due to numerous fashion shows and Miss India contests. Modeling is an exciting as well as profitable job especially for women. If candidate enter in to this profession in right way, he/she can make huge earnings and get instant popularity.

Career in Retail Sector

Retail Sector In India, there are bright chances of getting job in retail sector because this is rapidly growing in various cities. Several business schools in India are conducting various retail management courses to cater to the manpower. As the sector is successful in India, a career in retail sector promises good wages and growth potential for the ambitious youth.

Retail management is linked with retailing business of departmental stores and shopping malls. Demand for professionals in the retail management is very high to process all merchandise shipments, to achieve store sales and profitability, administration of stores as well as communication with the clients to gratify them.

Importance of impressive Cover letter for job

Job search in today's competitive environment is quite difficult. Candidate has to adopt some unique technique to get. One of them is writing good cover letter. A great cover letter can be give success in a job search. The right cover letter can help students to achieve goal. When potential bosses are sitting in heaps of applications, and all they want is one single person to do the job, the cover letter is usually their first line of scrutiny. From the cover letter, they get their first impressions of candidate which makes this stand out as first chance to be the better person for the job.

Importance of Programmer Job

There is a huge demand of programmers in various Multi national and national companies. Programs are needed for computers operation. Without programs, computers have no importance. Programs notify the computers what to do simple or complex tasks for payroll calculation, word-processing, operating systems, computer games, business processing, banking applications, etc. The main task of programmers is to write software. They write the instructions that command the computer what to do. Programmers are basically IT professionals who create such programs that run on various platforms including operating systems, the Internet, handheld gadgets, computer-aided devices, or a combination of computer equipment.

Career in Game Designing

Programmer Game designing is a new career alternative and is growing very rapidly in India. It is part of software development. In game designing, professionals design the content and rules of the game. The phrase signifies to game design represented in actual game and documentation describing the design. The principles of game designing are applied to various forms of games such as board games, video games or card games. Some types of game design involve an integration of many other disciplines. For example, video game design needs the co-ordination of game mechanics, programming, visual arts, production process etc. Mainly games are designed for entertainment, training or education.

Career as a Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialist is good career option for graduates. The demand of these specialists is mounting in present situation. Data entry professionals ensure the smooth handling of information by entering the data into computer, keying in text, operating various office machines and other clerical duties. The data entry operators could be typists, word processors and data entry keyers. Candidates who are starting their career in data entry can work with keying the headings on form letters, preparing standard forms on computers and addressing envelopes.

Career in Call Centers

Career in call centers is a new job opening in India. These are introduced as a career option in India as numerous multinational companies are established. A call center is a service center having adequate telecom facilities, wide database and access to Internet. It provides web-based or voice based information and support to the customers in India or abroad through trained employees. It is a good industry that provides a range of services such as telemarketing, customer service, survey, collection needs and technical support in the business world. Jobs in call centers can be found in all the sectors of business such as banking, manufacturing, utilities, market research, catalogue sales, security, pharmaceuticals, customer service, emergency dispatch, order desk, technical queries, food service, credit collections, hotel/airline reservations etc.

Cosmetologist Good Career Options

Demand of cosmetologists is growing rapidly as people are beauty conscious in today's world. These professionals work mainly in salons and department stores. Their duties include cut, and style hair, analyze hair to determine its condition, wave or straighten hair, clean, cut, and style wigs, give manicures and shape eyebrows, make appointments, give scalp and facial treatments, provide makeup analysis and apply makeup according to style or customer's preference, keep the work area clean and sanitize all work aids and apply bleach or tint to hair.

Footwear Designer as a Career

Footwear Designer Footwear designer profession is lucrative, demanding but competitive. Candidate can have a choice to show his creative talent in the field of high fashion (known as 'haute couture'), designer ready-to-wear and high-street fashion. He can have the opportunity to specialize in one area such as in women's, children's or sports footwear. Work is completely dependent on specialization. To produce high quality product, candidate can use his ideas by doing research or be given a brief to follow by the head of the design department. If company is recognized for a particular style of shoe, candidate may alter existing designs.

Fire Fighter as a Career

Firefighting career is chosen by those persons who are daring and desirous to work in odd circumstances. This profession is exciting, dangerous and can give great personal contentment. The main objective of Firefighters is to protect people and property. They rush to the spot of an accident or emergency first. Firefighters put out fires, which is not simple job. Fighting fires is risky and complex, and it takes organization and teamwork. Firefighters also save people who are trapped in burning buildings. They treat people who are hurt or ill, both at fires and in other situations.


Zookeepers are responsible for caring wild animals in zoos and animal parks. Many people have attraction toward animals, but they can not look after them. Generally, zookeepers take care of some of the largest and smallest creatures in custody. Their job is to feed the animals, clean their living spaces, and work to keep them healthy. To choose zookeeper as a career, candidate must know about animals, conservation and the natural world. Zookeepers watch the animals to see if they are sick or hurt. Keepers need to watch and listen carefully to notice any changes in behavior.

Career as a TV Anchor

TV Anchor as CareerTV is medium of transmitting news and other entertainment program. Jobs in this area always entice to younger generation. Career in TV anchor is highly rewarding. TV anchors, called newscasters, news analysts or news anchors, are smart personality that deliver news stories to the broadcasting station's viewers. TV news anchor or program anchor is a person, who delivers different types of news or programs whether it is a film-based program, comedy show, reality show, or crime-related report. An intermediary between the channel and the audience, a TV anchor is well versed in knowledge and aware of the current political scenario, and possesses thorough knowledge of issues. With the increasing popularity of the telecast media, the job of news reading and presenting a program has become challenging.

Career as a Bookkeeping Clerk

The individual who engaged in the task of recording of financial transactions made by an individual or an organization is termed as a bookkeeping clerk. Main duties for a bookkeeping job include individual accounts maintenance, handling payroll, recording accounts payable and incoming checks, and managing general ledger and account reconciliations. Candidate who choose Bookkeeping jobs can work full-time, part-time, freelance basis, or with a work-from-home option. To opt for this career, candidate must have good mathematical skills, and proficiency with the use of QuickBooks. If he has prior experience in a similar field, it is an added advantage. Excellent typing speed and use of Microsoft Word, and Excel is essential. Day to day task of bookkeeping clerks is to add, subtract, multiply, and divide many numbers each day. They must be proficient to use computers to calculate and record data. There is a wide variety of bookkeeping clerks. Certain clerks handle only specific accounts.

Physiotherapy as a Career

The duty of physiotherapists is to assist and treat people who have physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing. They provide therapy to different age level. Physiotherapy is a branch of healthcare and very rewarding profession. Physiotherapists recognize and maximize movement potential through health promotion, preventive healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation.

Career as a Notary

Notary as CareerCareer as a notary is suitable for candidates who are sincere and devoted. They are also known as a notary public. This position is an official state office. As neutral agents of the state, notaries are authorized to administer oaths, verify and authenticate documents being signed and keep public records, often in the form of official journals. Notary verifies the identity of persons signing an official document or written instrument and apply their signature, notary certification and official seal to the document or written instrument. There is mounting requirement for notary services but it may vary depending on location. Many notaries work full-time at a variety of other positions in banks, schools and law offices.

Creative Writer as a Career

There is a huge demand of creative writer at global level. To become a creative writer, candidate must have numerous skills such as it requires plenty of imagination, observation and the innate ability to create pictures of natural world. All works of fiction, poetry, drama and the like are combination of these entire characteristics. Candidates have to complete creative writing course successfully.

Become a Meteorologist

Meteorologist The main task of meteorologist is to collect and analyze information on atmospheric conditions. Meteorology is the study of the earth's atmosphere and the weather which occur in it. They attempt to spot and interpret trends, understand the weather of yesterday, illustrate the weather of today, and forecast the weather of tomorrow.

Weather has great impact on human lives. If people become aware of any calamity, they can prepare themselves better to fight with adverse atmospheric conditions. These requirements led to the best-known application for meteorology that is weather forecasting.

Career as a Human Resource professional

A human resource professional hire staffs and operates a function within organization. Career in Human Resources is a rewarding career field with many profitable opportunities. In Human Resources, some minimum requirements are necessary to enter the field. But, candidate have the opportunity to continue to develop these skills and experiences as they work in Human Resources and are promoted into higher level, more responsible roles. The duty of human resources specialists is to help businesses and organizations manage their staff.

Career as a Genetic Engineer

Genetic Engineer Genetic engineering is newest emerging arena for candidates who are interested in learning biological aspect of human nature. It consists of doctrines of sciences and array of techniques used to study the change in genetic material of the living organism. It is one of the complicated field which deals with the study of biological changes in living organisms. It is basically the branch of biotechnology which involves the study of cells (smallest living unit), structural and functional unit of living organisms. Concepts and principles of genetic engineering helps the engineers to thoroughly comprehend the behaviour of the DNA in the body and gene using artificial methods. Engineers perform various activities such as extracting DNA out from organism; study its changes in the structure and putting back into it.

Statistician as a Career

Candidate who has good mathematical aptitude can choose statistician as a career. The primary task of statisticians is to assist in design surveys and experiments. They also collect, analyze, and interpret numerical data. Statisticians use this knowledge to design, collect, and interpret data experiments inmany different fields of industry. This includes fields of economics, medicine, psychology, marketing, public health, biology, sports, and others. Even military considerations take statistical procedures for approval of certain strategies and sanctions. Some statisticians may gather data to learn whether new products are harmless or not.

Career as Front Desk Representative

Candidate can become front desk representative who have attractive and dominating personality and eager to provide service beyond guest expectations. These representatives have some important responsibilities. They must welcome guest with a smile at their front desk and check them in and out. Their basic duty is to answer the telephone with a proper greeting, direct guests to meeting areas, guest rooms/suites, dinning areas, as well as any other public areas inside the hotel. They should provide guests on meeting information, directions and areas of interest on local attractions and hotel information.

Career as a Yoga Professional

There are numerous courses in yoga which must be completed before practicing it regularly. In many yoga schools, 10 day or 15 day classes / workshops are conducted for students. In this course, students learn Stress Management & Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation,
There are courses for Improving Personality (increasing memory, concentration and enhancement in application of knowledge, alertness, attitude), Selective Yoga Education for Kids (physical and mental fitness, with Relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra, Omkar), Tantra Meditation Classes.

Career as a Post Office Clerk

The task of post office clerks is to deal directly with clients of the post office by rendering services such as selling stamps, receiving postal articles and handling saving accounts. Clerks do numerous office jobs which include bookkeeping, receiving telegrams and perform various other clerical duties. Clerks have direct connection with the public and offer more or less 150 different transactions to their clients, which can be grouped in many categories.


Career as a Gemologist

A Gemologist is an individual who has deep knowledge of gemstones. Become a gemologist, candidate study a gem and he require to go through various steps. f these steps are taking courses that enable him to differentiate different types of gems, appraise them, and weigh them. A professional gemologist verifies whether a gem is natural or synthetic and if it is a colored stone, whether it is color treated or not.

Forestry as a career

Many of us enthusiastic to study nature and how we can protect natural resources to make or life better. Candidate, who chooses forestry as a career, must have passion to know about environment. Forestry is interesting subject and it is part of the indispensable natural resources of a country. Forests are beneficial to human beings and students of forestry learn about herbs, medicinal compounds, natural cosmetics which are found in forest. Forest assets also boost the financial system of the country.

Career as a Builder

Builder involved in constructing houses and multi complexes and other office buildings. It is very important that candidate must have perfection and can take strain to complete building project. He may have to work in shifts and he has to make outdoor movement frequently to get success in project. If candidate is interested in becoming a builder, there are numerous colleges that offer courses.

Sports Education

Today, students can freely choose sports as a career because there are ample job opportunities in the sports industry especially in athletics and there are continuing worker earnings. Candidates must understand the complexities of the sports industry and have insider tips for entering in sports field. Sports Management at international level offers several training programs, specially designed for particular sports job or advance candidate's sports career

Knowledge of Home Science Career

The field of home science is generally associated with girls. Earlier girls choose this career but in present scenario, boys are selecting home science as a professional course. There are great employment options in this field. Home Science is both a science and an art in various courses are taught to students therefore they are familiar with concepts which are needed to maintain industry.

Become a School Principal

School principal is responsible for controlling all school activities and run school successfully. Candidates who have leadership qualities and dedication for teaching may choose school principal as a career. The basic job of a school principal is to implement school policies, works with teachers and other staff and tackle student-problems.

Cartoonist Career

Cartoonist Career of cartoonists is suitable for those candidates who have excellent artistic sense and creative mind. Cartoonists mainly work for the print media. The characteristic feature of cartoonists is the ability to draw well, have strong design skills, detail observation skill, work well under the pressure of impending deadlines and provide employers with a collection of their best work. Cartoonists produce amusing drawings. They draw political, advertising, social, and sports cartoons. The work of some cartoonist is published in magazines and newspapers. Cartoonists draw single cartoons or entire comic strips.

Virologist as a Career

A virologist is a professional in the area of Microbiology. Virology is the study of the structure and function of viruses and of the diseases caused by virus infections. Viruses are pathogens. Virologist studies these processes at the molecular level. The career is of virologist is very challenging and professional must have thorough knowledge of study material. Some virologists study the composition and function of newly discovered antiviral compounds. Virologist mainly works in the laboratory.

NGO Management Courses

NGO Management is highly responsible job. Candidates must be dedicated to help public in odd circumstances. The structures of NGOs differ significantly. Today, with the hi-tech developments in communications, locally-based groups referred to as grass-roots organizations or community based organizations, have become active at the national or international level. NGOs are components of social movements within a civil society.

Career with Poultry Science

Poultry production in India is primitive practice and today this science is emerged from traditional farming to highly profitable industry and research oriented enterprises equivalent to other important fields such as biotechnology, management studies and computer science. Currently, India is the third largest producer of eggs and fifth largest producer of poultry meat in the world. Indian poultry sector is advancing speedily.

Career of Car Salesman

Career of salesman is very challenging and demands good communication skill to convince the customer. Person can make huge earnings through choosing career as a car salesman and offers the best education a person could ask for in salesmanship. It has been seen that people involve in the car business as a momentary job to make some earnings to meet out their current requirement and choose other career to generate primary income. But such type of decision will not give them stability. Candidate can be very successful if they are serious in this line and consider it as a career not a as a part time job.


Career as a Composer

Composers are basically required in the area of film. The job of a composer is to write a music piece for theatre, TV, radio, film, computer games and other areas where music is used. Candidates interested to choose this career must have music sense and creativity because their main task is to create music that is liked by public. Composers compose innovative music ranging from pop to jazz to classical.

Career as a Speech Therapist

Indian students work in different instructions and companies where they have to interact with foreign professionals. To facilitate communication and smooth functioning of organizations, students are inclined to learn a foreign language which is an added boost to career and achieve goal.

Career as Social Worker

Social workers deal with clients who have social problems and help them to adjust in the environment. Career as social worker is for those candidates who are dedicated to serve human beings and make efforts to enhance the life of people in society. Social workers assist persons with their relationships and resolve private and family problems. Social workers may help out people having critical diseases, or severe communal problems.

Travel agent Career

Career of travel agent is suitable for those candidates who love to travel different place and have sharp-eye to look details of environment. At the same time it is difficult job and candidate must have thorough knowledge of the industry and logistical skills. Travel agents give a valuable service to people intending to travel by making all the required travel arrangements on request of the client, using the information and facilities available to professional travel agents, locally and worldwide. Due to busy schedule, many visitors do not spent time or involved in dealing with changing airline schedules, different fares, finding packages, etc, and so they appoint travel agents to arrange all facilities for them. The tourism industry is growing at rapid rate and there are countless of job opportunities available for hard working and enthusiastic people. The work of travel agent is quite challenging.

School Teaching job

Degree in Bachelor of Education train students who desire to choose teaching as a career. All of us know that teachers are influential figure in school and students mainly interact with teacher for getting education in school. The teachers groom students and assist them to make good individual in society. Keeping these factors in mind, the course of B Ed is designed so that teachers will be sufficiently equipped with resources that make them an ideal role model for the students.

Choreographers as a career

Choreographer The basic task of a choreographer is to compose musical and other rhythmic performances, which are mostly dances. Today the nature of job is widening. Several choreographers are engaged in many other tasks besides choreographing dance performances. Choreographers generate and arrange original dances, combining steps and movements to form an artistic whole. They also develop innovative interpretations of customary dances. Choreographers generally audition performers and teach people a dance at rehearsals.

Career as a Restaurant Managers

Students who have social network and have excellent communication skill, may choose restaurant manager as a career. Restaurant managers plan and direct the activities of places that serve food and beverages. Restaurant managers have great responsibility of daily duties.

Carpentry Program and employment prospects

Carpentry is an area where person can generate huge income if he is skilled and know the tactics to run his own business. Carpentry courses are designed to train students how to build and maintain a wide range of structures from wooden materials. If a candidate is graduates, he may work as rough carpenters, building frameworks and forms for bridges and other large structures; as residential carpenters, creating the framework for homes; as finish carpenters, completing detailed work such as stairs and flooring; interior systems carpenters, installing factory-made materials and products; or floor layers, specializing in hardwood flooring and carpeting.

Pottery Designer as a Career

Pottery designer is the best selection of course for creative person who want to work as designers in the ceramics industry.Career development as a pottery designer depends very much on creativity of candidate. Many who seek to establish themselves within the ceramics industry choose to develop a portfolio career, perhaps combining self-employment with other work, such as teaching, arts management, community arts work, or gallery management.

Public health offers array of Job Opportunities

Public health is good field of study. In this area, candidate have to face many challenges to confront complex health issues, such as improving access to health care, controlling infectious disease, and reducing environmental hazards, violence, substance abuse, and injury. Public health is a diverse and dynamic field.

Court Reporting As a Career

Students desirous in a career of Court Reporting must have great interest in the legal field and develop strong grammar and punctuation skills as well as knowledge of computers operations and video equipment. He/ she must posses the capability to listen watchfully and record proceedings accurately.

Tourism as a Career

Career in tourism is growing day by day as people of the world are frequently traveling for personal and business purposes. Tourism department of any country is one of the world's largest foreign exchange earners among various industries.

Tailoring as a Career

Tailoring job is highly demanding in today's society, We all like to be well dressed and want to purchase something unique to wear. The high demand of stylish dresses in society increases the importance of tailoring job. Tailors are supposed to stitch a variety garments for menswear, kids wear, and woman dresses.

Dancer as a Career

Dancers are viewed as traditional, modern or general dancer in our society. Dancers can perform their job in different set up such as in restaurant, theater and television productions, dance studios and schools. There are basically two types of common dance to be performed- Solo and group dance.

News Anchor

News Anchor As A Profession

A news anchor is generally a television persona who presents latest information of the world for a news program and at times must manage commentary for live presentation. Earlier, these anchors mainly performed their jobs in the United States and Canada. But now this type of job has great demand all over world.

Librarian as a Career

Librarian is the most valuable post in educational institutes. Students can choose it as a career that have a great interest in reading books, researching new information. Librarians are also called information professionals. Librarians assist people find information and utilize it successfully for personal and professional purposes.

Relevance of Martial Arts

Various forms of self-defense based on techniques developed in ancient India and other countries like China, Tibet, has come into wide use for self-defense and for exercise. Though martial art is a good sport practice but opponent criticized the martial arts as a dangerous sport.

Beautician: A home based job

The career of beautician is best for candidates who are hard working and get pleasure from interacting with people. They can develop ability to perform the job of beauty care. In today's world, fashion is changing very fast but the fundamental job of beautician remains the same that is to direct people look their best.

Company Secretary as a Career

The post of a Company Secretary is highly important for a company's smooth management. Company secretary performs a wide variety of functions. He/she acts as a central link between the Company, the Board of Directors, shareholders and governmental and regulatory agencies.


Chef Career Courses

The occupation of a chef is not a traditional. Candidate has to make up his mind for hard work. He must be aware of food habits that are culturally determined. He should be adjustable to the varying social order and food habits of people. A degree or a diploma certificate in Hotel Management and Catering Technology is necessary to start a career of chef.

Jewellery Designing as a Career

Career as jewellery designer is one of the most rewarding occupations today. To become a jewellery designer, candidate must be creative. There are various institutes which provide diploma courses. Anyone who is interested to choose this career can join training courses. Minimum qualification is 10th or 12th standard.

Dental Assistant as a Career

A dental assistant is a valuable post for any dental practice. Dental assistant's duty is to assist the smooth delivery of quality dental health care to patients. His role is a vital in any dental operation. This is major ground for opting Dental assistant job. Competent dental assistant persons have very bright future.

Forensic Science Technicians as a Career

Forensic science technicians are the professionals who probe crime scenes.These persons are also called criminologists and with a Cyber Forensics Specialization degree the criminologists are also prepared to fight online crime. One of the many jobs  forensic science technicians have is to look at physical evidence to crack crimes. This task is very vital and requires professional approach to analyze any criminal situation. Current scientific innovations and technology advancement benefited a lot to solve cases of Forensic science.

Law as a Profession

The term lawyer signifies the professional who deals with legal activities. The lawyer is qualified and licensed person to practice law with in country. He may practice as an attorney, counsel or solicitor. The responsibilities of the lawyer differ considerably across legal authorities. Lawyers perform highly supportive duty in our social framework and work as a consultant to give legal advice to people who are victimized by crook or have some problems related to law.

Air Hostess is a Bright Career for Female Aspirant

The Air hostesses are recognized as distinctive personality in air travel which is more concerned for relaxed and safe journey of the travelers. Passengers of Air travel are welcomed by these air hostesses at the beginning of journey. Their friendly smile and greeting pleases every passenger and create an atmosphere of caring and security during flight.

Music training in Elementary and Secondary Schools

The music education in early stage of life is highly imperative for developing brainpower. In our education system, many essential classes such as physical education and music teaching are not included in curriculum and put in the category of optional subject for which grades are given. This is very discouraging step.

Medical Administrative Assistant is Good Option for Graduates

Science graduates are often confused in selecting their career. A career as a medical Administrative assistant is good choice for those who get satisfaction of serving with a healthcare team. The jobs for workers in this field are continuously mounting due to the population growth. Health workers are needed to tackle health problem in hospital setting through their efficient work.

Veterinary Technologist as a Career

Veterinary Technologist A career as a veterinary technologist is appropriate for those candidates who have affectionate feeling for pets and wish to care all living of creatures. This is a different field and science graduates can choose this job if they are dedicated and intent to welcome challenging jobs. This career is sensitive in the sense that it is all about animals, their medication, research etc. It is not just to make fun of animals and leave them when they need you. Candidate must have feeling to do outstanding work in enhancing the status of animals.

Information for deciding career as an Electrician

Electricity is an important part of our daily life activity. Today we can perform most of the task by using electricity. In other words, we all are much dependent on electricity. When it breaks down or there is any defect in wiring, we need the help of electrician. An electrician who knows everything about electrical work will be helpful in any malfunctioning of electricity. These factors highlight the role of electrician which is increasing at rapid rate in our society.

Employment trend in Interior Designing

Students who enjoy decorating their houses and have deep interest in modifying their interior for better look, they should opt interior design as a career. Interior designing field demands highly creative instinct. The best suited interior designers possess inventive, imaginative, and artistic talent. These qualities assist to have a good sense of style, space, colors, and furniture. An interior designer may design the insides of houses, restaurants, office buildings, and even bathrooms. An interior designers must be disciplined and organized and knows the business tactics.

Medical Transcriptionist as a Career

Medical Transcription is one of the specialist jobs in the area of Health care. Students generally have misconception about the nature of transcription. They consider it as just to deal with medical records and general dictation. To opt as a career, medical transcription is the right choice for those students who are well qualified and willing to work hard to generate good income. In this job, a medical transcriptionist transcribes dictate recordings from healthcare professionals and medical doctors and prepares reports, correspondence, or other materials regarding organization.

Architect as a Career

Architect People are extremely career conscious these days. The preparation for professional course starts from 9th grade onwards. Students have many options but they prefer to choose the professional courses of Medicine or Engineering. The career in Architectural Engineering is now booming and it is one of the best ways to earn money by developing oneself as a good architect. This job is prestigious as well as creative. There are healthier chances of building student's future bright through designing attractive houses, office buildings etc.

Nursing as a Career

In medical set up, general practitioner and nurses have mutually supporting roles in the delivery of quality, comprehensive health care. Nursing profession is recognized as valuable contributions in therapeutic field at international level. Nurse- client relationship is sociable affiliation.

Dietitian as a Career

The role of dietitian is very important for physical health of person as well as in the treatment of the patient. Today people are more conscious and seek advice of professional to keep fit and fine. Previously, several dietitians took job just to nurture their family. This job was not considered professional job. But today, there is huge demand of dietitians as health problems are increasing speedily.

Boxing as a Career

Sport is the spirit of many individuals and they may opt it as a career. There is variety of sports event performed all over the world. Boxing is one of the most rock-solid sport around the globe which may be advantageous to people and it results in a great robustness exercises. Boxing provide mental fitness also. It is the best way for alleviating constant worry and pent up anger...

Clinical Psychology

Psychology Clinical psychology is a significant and rapidly increasing branch of psychology. The requirement for specialists is exceeding due to great frustration among people worldwide.Clinical psychology is a tremendously different and to gain mastery over its techniques and use of therapies needs depth of knowledge and practical approach to attempt the problems that is sometimes not a simple task. In some cases, the student takes training of formal course in the clinical field without any background of general psychology.

Career In Records Management

Records management is a relatively new line of work, but due to the increased recognition within most sectors of the value of knowledge and information management, the range of freelance, consultancy and permanent opportunities is increasing....

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