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Career as a Post Office Clerk

Post Office Clerk The task of post office clerks is to deal directly with clients of the post office by rendering services such as selling stamps, receiving postal articles and handling saving accounts. Clerks do numerous office jobs which include bookkeeping, receiving telegrams and perform various other clerical duties.

Clerks have direct connection with the public and offer more or less 150 different transactions to their clients, which can be grouped in many categories. They perform direct Sales, Stamps as well as a number of others products and stationary such as registered and fast mail envelopes and parcel containers/materials. Financial transactions executed by post office clerks include money orders, postal orders, savings bank transactions and paying out of pensions. Their duty is to receive of payment in various ways. Transactions for a number of different third parties, such as telephone accounts for and municipality accounts for some city councils, are handled.

Clerk's task is also to accept and delivery of mail over the counter. This includes registered and insured items such as letters, parcels and telegrams. Acceptance of items to be delivered as fast mail, priority mail, speed post and acceptance of items for courier delivery by speed services are also performed by these clerks. Client liaison is important duty of these clerks. They advice clients on services handle enquiries and offer assistance to illiterate people and the aged in the completion of forms. This involves accounting all the transactions and balancing at the end of each day, as well as guiding clients of the best mail service or money transfer service used to meet their requirements.

Educational qualification: Candidate must have at least a Grade 12, or equivalent qualification to be admitted for in-service training. Recommended subjects are mathematics and accountancy.

Clerks must have good qualities to run post office smoothly. They must have knowledge of different languages, numerical ability and an excellent memory. They must be sincere, trustworthy and efficient, have excellent communication skills and be able to deal with with stress associated with long hours and difficult clients. They should enjoy working with different types of people and be responsive, supportive and lenient. The vacancy of post office clerk is available throughout the world in each post office. Efficient and intelligent clerk may be promoted to training officer and postmaster. Post office clerks are employed by Government post offices. Job prospects is not very favorable but it is secure.