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Career as a Restaurant Managers

Restaurant Managers Students who have social network and have excellent communication skill, may choose restaurant manager as a career. Restaurant managers plan and direct the activities of places that serve food and beverages. Restaurant managers have great responsibility of daily duties. If candidate desirous to work in a inspiring, fast-paced environment while being encircled by delicious food and drink, and conduct some effective programs for company then restaurant manager job is suitable for him.

Restaurant managers are able to balance the business, cooking and service components of a restaurant all at one time. These quick-footed professionals succeed on organization, problem solving and motivating employees to do their very best. Restaurant managers are main person of the whole organization whose responsibility to keep the restaurant in good working condition.

Qualification: Candidate must have graduate degree from 2-year or 4-year College in hospitality management programs with specialization in restaurant and institutional food management. Most restaurant chains also have precise management training programs. Both associate and bachelor degree programs in restaurant management help candidates to develop the various skills in nutrition, sanitation, food planning and preparation, accounting, business law, management and computer science. Many cooking schools also offer degrees in hospitality and restaurant management. Aspiring restaurant managers may want to consider the following courses to advance their career.

-Diploma or Certificate in Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management
-Associate of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts
-Associate of Applied Science Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management
-Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hospitality Management


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Job Skills: Restaurant management is a demanding job. Manager must possess necessary skill to enhance his career which includes: good organization and attention to detail, good business skills and comfort dealing with money and other financial matters, good people interaction skills for dealing with both customers and employees, good ability to deal with problem employees and irate customers, good employee motivation skills, good communication skills, flexibility and an ability to deal with a rapidly and ever-changing environment, ability to deal with crisis, capability to coordinate many things simultaneously, excellent problem resolution skills, and skill to deal with stress.

Duties of restaurant manager:
The job duties of a restaurant manager can include Coordinating activities between various departments (kitchen, dining room, and banquet operations), ensuring customer satisfaction, overseeing inventory, ordering food, equipment and supplies, arranging for routine maintenance and upkeep of the restaurant and its equipment, planning for routine services, such as linen service, performing administrative functions, maintaining records, performing work shift scheduling, performing human resource functions, including recruiting, hiring, and firing, performing employee training, monitoring employee performance, supervising routine food preparation operations in limited-service eating establishments (e.g., fast food restaurants, sandwich shops, etc.), assisting executive chefs in selecting successful menu items, inspecting the quality of fresh food items, pricing various dishes, cooking, depending on the type and size of the restaurant, bussing and cleaning tables, depending on the type and size of the restaurant, tracking industry trends and conducting market research, handling financial operations, such as budgeting, paying bills, and payroll and handling cash receipts and performing banking duties.

The job for restaurant managers is anticipated to grow as compared to all occupations in the next decade. Most new jobs will come in full-service restaurants and limited-service eating establishments. Candidates with bachelor degree in food service management have bright prospects for employment. . The nature of work is sometimes thrilling but managers have to bear potential stress, especially when they deal with angry customers or disobliging workers. Restaurant managers require stamina, strong leadership skills, and excellent communication abilities to perform well and to get top position. It is highly important that experience and profound knowledge is must in the restaurant industry to survive in competitive environment.