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Important facts about Boxing as a sport for Vocation

Boxing Sport is the spirit of many individuals and they may opt it as a career. There is variety of sports event performed all over the world. Boxing is one of the most rock-solid sport around the globe which may be advantageous to people and it results in a great robustness exercises. Boxing provide mental fitness also. It is the best way for alleviating constant worry and pent up anger. People get relaxed through learning appropriate methods of boxing and may assist to control one's life more resourcefully.

Today, life style of people are sedentary because of revolutionary changes are taking place in technology and other discipline. People are more dependent on technology rather than physical exercise. These habits and poor way of living give birth to obesity which is a severe health crisis internationally and it is in rising trend. This is the matter of worry for medical practitioner, sociologists and psychologists. As we all know, the main root of fatness is immobility and is also associated to playing indoor games. To keep physically fit, selecting boxing as a sport is good idea. We all need to know important aspects of this game before jumping to boxing field. Boxing is a tough contact sport which necessitates very high levels of physical strength and controlled anger.

History Of Boxing

Practice of this sport is debatable. Many people appreciate it and some oppose it. It is a quite aggressive sport and danger is also linked with it. Opponents voice that definitely there is impairment to health which is caused by professional boxing. This may be a particular head injury that is the matter of concern for people. In doctor's opinion, boxing is a hazardous sport. Many medical agencies such as "the British Medical Association (BMA) do not want to encourage such sports and are in favor of banning it. But supporters of boxing and many medical consultants of the sport's controlling bodies state that if the sport is conducted with the proper safety measures, it will not carry risk and fighters may get chance to represent their skill. According BMA report, boxing accounts for fewer deaths in comparison to other sports. Any sport can cause physical harm. In boxing, fighters have to be well trained and learn to know how to defend and hit opponent.

In boxing, cuts and bruises are very frequent wounds, and many boxers get hurt on face and visit surgeon for dental work. If boxing game turns to more aggressive, it involves dominant people striking each other constantly, often around the head. These action cause great risk such as permanent severe brain damage. Famous boxer Muhammad Ali was under grip of Parkinson's disease but many people presumes that crisis was brought about by his various fighting in the ring. Followers of boxing sport pronounce that proper medical care at the ring must be provided to make this game safe and secure and public fear can be eradicated. Better treatment at correct time can prevent the serious damage.


For boxing sports, individual must know the correct rules before going for training. A boxing match normally consists of a prearranged number of three-minute rounds, anywhere from three for an Olympic bout to up to fifteen for a professional fight. A minute is on average spent between each round with the fighters in their allocated corners receiving guidance and attention from their coach and staff. Referee controls the fight who works within the ring to make decision and control the action of the fighters, rule on their capacity to fight carefully, calculate knocked-down fighters, and rule on fouls. At ringside, there are approximately three judges score the bout and allocate points to the boxers which are based on punches that connect, protection and knockdowns. Each fighter is assigned a corner of the ring, where his coach, may manage to the fighter at the opening of the fight and between rounds. Each boxer is instructed to go into the ring from their assigned corners at the start of each round and must stop fighting and come back to their corner at the signaled end of each round. A bout in which the planned number of rounds overtakes is determined by the judges. The fighter is declared as winner who has the higher score at the end of the fight. It is sometimes possible that the decisions of three judges are unanimous and split. A boxer may succeed the bout before a judgment is reached through a knockout. If a fighter is banged down during the fight, determined by whether the boxer touches the canvas floor of the ring with any part of their body other than the feet, the referee starts counting until the fighter comes back to his or her feet and can carry on.

A "technical knockout" (TKO) is likely as well, and is ruled by the referee, fight doctor, or a fighter's corner if a fighter is powerless to carefully carry on to fight, based upon wounds or being judged not capable to successfully protect themselves. Various jurisdictions and sanctioning agencies also have a three-knockdown rule in which three knockdowns result in a TKO. A TKO is measured a knockout in a fighter's record. There is also a standing eight count rule in which the referee counts up to eight to a boxer who recovers his foothold after a knockdown, permitting the referee time to evaluate if the boxer is able to keep on.

Generally, there is a rule in boxing that boxers are not allowed to hit below the belt, holding, tripping, pushing, biting, spitting or wrestling. They also are proscribed from kicking, head-butting, or hitting with any part of the arm other than the knuckles of a closed fist which included hitting with the elbow, shoulder or forearm, as well as with open gloves, the wrist, the inside, back or side of the hand. They can not hit from the back, back of the neck or head or the kidneys. They are not allowed to take support prohibited of ropes for support when punching, holding a challenger while punching, or ducking below the belt of their challenger. When a boxer is knocked-down, the other boxer must immediately stop fighting and move to the adjacent neutral corner of the ring until the referee has either ruled a knockout or called for the fight to go on. These are the basic strategy of boxing which every individual must know who is interested in choosing boxing as sport either for part time hobby or as a career. There may be attestations in rules and judgment. One must continuously in touch with latest trends via magazines, internet news or other media.

The current Olympic movement revitalized interest in part-time sports, and amateur boxing became popular and included as a sport in Olympic in 1908. Currently, Olympic and other amateur bouts are usually restricted to three or four rounds, scoring is calculated by points based on the number of clean blows landed, despite of impact, and fighters wear shielding headgear, lessening the number of injuries, knockdowns, and knockouts. Amateur boxing is overriding in Cuba and some former Soviet republics but

Professional boxing is a leading sport worldwide. Boxing is at present categorized as fitness program. People are much aware about health and they visualize boxing in a positive manner because it is considered as a societal sport. Individuals who are in state of choosing sport always in confusion of what benefits will they notice in such a dreaded sport. Supporters convince aspirants that there are two sides of any event or sport. If an individual collect all possible information about sport and see himself fit for boxing then he can join and go for thorough training. Here self assessment is very important. In above text, much information is given. Now person has to decide whether he can perform well at fighter stage or not. Experts and coach can only guide, they can not create sportsman spirit. That, person has to develop himself. Numerous benefits such as weight loss, better dexterity and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness are all outcome from boxing. Many people have a perception that boxing is a sport of fighting with arms but it is in fact a cardio exercises for the whole body. It is particularly good for harmonizing your bottom and quadriceps muscles, which is ideal for women who are keen to lose weight around their bottom and thighs.

Looking at another side of the coin, opponents state, it is not fit for human beings and hazardous for health. We have already worked out the adverse effect of boxing. There are many challenges to which a person has to face. Sometimes damage is irreversible and person can not lead normal life. The injuries are quite different from other sport because in boxing fighter targets to punch opponent's head. If these actions will be performed in other games, he will be disqualified. Many people consider this sport as illegal and campaign against it by stating harmful effect on humans. Opponents of boxing always have a feeling that main aim of boxing is to cause damage and that boxing should be disregarded as a cultured sporting activity.

At the end of debate, it can be said that boxing can be selected as a sport but only after reviewing its minute details. It can not be concluded that professional boxing is risky and can cause grave, even deadly injuries. Though, many people are in favor of prohibiting this sport. But we can ask a simple question- if an individual has talent and he is taking it as a career then why to suppress his talent. Supporters of amateur boxing believe that the amateur code should be measured in a different way from the professional code. They highlight that the core intend of amateur boxing is to score points and not to knock out the opponent. Therefore, achievement depends more on skill and approach than brute strength. It is assessed that amateur boxing is less risky as compared to professional boxing. Many supporters provide proof that boxing is not harmful than some other popular contact sports which include ice hockey, rugby, and football. Amateur boxing is a good sport of encouraging young men to build up character and physical fitness, and that it should be valued in the Olympic program. Through above facts, person may get some knowledge of boxing and he can wisely think whether to choose it or drop it.