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Professional Dancer is prestigious career

Dancer Dancers are viewed as traditional, modern or general dancer in our society. Dancers can perform their job in different set up such as in restaurant, theater and television productions, dance studios and schools. There are basically two types of common dance to be performed- Solo and group dance.

Dancers learn basic knowledge from institutes or Dance teacher and attach to choreographers who create dances and often audition dancers. Career of dancing is highly valuable and good dancers can get international fame. Candidate who has great interest to exhibit feelings through actions and wants to convey some important message to populace must choose dancer as a career. Dancers express feelings and act out stories through the body movement. good dancer must posses important qualities such as flexibility, agility, strength, coordination, grace and rhythm. Dancers must be in excellent physical condition and have enormous energy.

There are many options available for dancers to begin their career. Some dancers choose classical dance training before concentrating on a precise style. There are many training schools and great gurus to provide training of classical dance to student who are dedicated and punctual. Another line of dance training is Ballet training for women which usually begins between the ages of 5 and 8. Traditional training begins between ages 10 and 12. Both men and women can select dance as a career. Men often start their ballet training between the ages of 10 and 15.

To become a dancer, there is a requirement of formal education. Many colleges offer undergraduate and advanced degrees in dance, usually through departments of music, theater or fine arts. After completion of a college degree in dance, candidates are free to choose whether he/ she want to be a dancer or like to enter in teaching line. Colleges and universities will provide the opportunities to perform and gain experience outside of the classroom. Many schools offer dance ensembles or troupes that give a candidate an excellent chance to act upon in front of a huge audiences and with dancers including other students, faculty, and alumni who have varied skill levels. Dance degree gives many future job opportunities. Many graduates work as professional dancers, teachers, choreographers, dance therapists, arts administrators, dance notators, and more. Focusing on practice, choreography, dance history, and pedagogy, a degree in dance can plan to hunt a career as a performer, a choreographer, or a teacher.

Dancers generally get jobs through auditions. The vacancies of dancers are published in union notices, newspapers, trade journals, booking agencies, and call boards at dance schools. A dancer usually has to attend several auditions before getting a part. During an audition, dancers are required to perform brief routines suggested by the choreographer. Sometimes dancers must bring their resumes and photographs.

Indian institute:

  1. Shamak Davar dance training institute in pune, 201, Ketkar Road, Erandwane, Pune - 411004, Tel: 32921098.
  2. Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh - 491 881 (India) . Phone no.:(+91) + 7820 - 234232, 234629 . Fax no. :(+91) + 7820 - 234108. E-mail: reg@iksvv.com
  3. Bharata Kalanjali, # 6, Jeevaratnam Nagar Adyar, Chennai - 600020, Ph: 91 - 44 - 24461024. E Mail:bkalanjali@gmail.com
  4. Abhinayaa Institute of research & Fine arts. Flat no. G-1, "Sai Garden" CHS LTD.Ambadi Road, Vasai(West),Dist. Thane - 401 204.Maharashtra. INDIA Phone No. 0250-3290612, Mobile Nos. 9322918290.Email : chitra@sadirdance.com.
  5. Angikam Dance Akademy. 4 Milan Street, Nashua, NH 03063, Phone: (603) 889-3783.
    E-mail: aangikam@hotmail.com


  1. National Tap Ensemble, PO BOX 4102, Hagerstown MD 21741-4102. USA.
  2. American Dance Institute, 1570 East Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852. Telephone: 301-984-3003. Fax: 301-468-5841.
  3. Minnesota Dance Theatre & The Dance Institute, 528 Hennepin Avenue, Sixth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55403. Phone: 612-338-0627. Fax: 612-338-5160 info@mndance.org.
  4. Tamalpa Institute, Post Office Box 794. Kentfield, California 94914. Phone: 1-866-643-1630 or 415.457.8555. Fax: 415.457.7960.

Candidate who holds dance degree must not think that he is professional. Dancing is very complicated, strenuous work, and the hours of practice can be monotonous and fatiguing. Person who has strong desire for dancing, devoted and wants to do some outstanding job must go for this career. Most dancers remain in the field only because they love to dance and would not be happy in any other work. Dancers often work nights and weekends, which is when performances are usually scheduled. They also travel regularly because big dance companies usually take their shows on tour. Professional dancers spend much of their time in classes, auditions, and rehearsals. Most take classes on a regular basis to keep in shape and to discipline their minds and bodies. It is essential to get proper training from the beginning. Dancers must be self-discipline and have to suppress some other desire to maintain their talent. Many professional dancers are members of one of several unions, depending on the type of dancing they do and in what medium they perform.