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Information for deciding career as an Electrician

Electrician Electricity is an important part of our daily life activity. Today we can perform most of the task by using electricity. In other words, we all are much dependent on electricity. When it breaks down or there is any defect in wiring, we need the help of electrician. An electrician who knows everything about electrical work will be helpful in any malfunctioning of electricity. These factors highlight the role of electrician which is increasing at rapid rate in our society.

Electricians must be well trained in reputed institute and spent time in getting practical training to work with electrical area to become a skilled electrician. During electrician training course, Electricians are taught lessons about all possible types of electrical problems which happen in household or industrial setting. They recognize how electric works, what it can do. Normally, people have little knowledge of electrical work. They can simply change the fused bulb; check the meter or other things. Just to do these things will not solve purpose because some typical electrical problems might arise which can not be handled by untrained person. Actually people do not have deep understanding and when they try to repair some electrical fault, some accident takes place. It is must to realize the importance of electrician and allow him to do work because he is trained in the electrical field. This example is given just to understand why job of electricians is useful for society and those who think it is not good job may change their impression.

In highly populated country, one must have broadminded approach, analyze all possible work and select suitable career option for his life. It is a reputed job and electricians can earn good amount to run their family. If a student wants to become an electrician, it is right choice. Once it is decided to be an electrician, students must collect thorough knowledge about the courses, institutes etc. there are various schools, training centers and institutes that present good training courses. When student completes full training course of electrical work by attending training course, he gains good education and it assists him to set up his career as an electrician in a constructive way. Electricians may get wide variety of jobs within a various organizations and institutes which includes electrical and building firms, electrical manufacturers, general manufacturing and engineering companies to local government, hospitals, power generating and supply companies. It is very important to select the type of electrician a student wants to be, once he finishes the training. Qualified electrician has numerous career paths and he can choose best job in which he has particular interest for his career growth. For example, if student select an electrical contractor job, then he requires to make sure that he possess skills involves in home repairs or commercial maintenance. If there is confusion in deciding the field of electrician candidates wants to work then select an electrician school that offers a variety of subjects. In this way, he can get knowledge in all fields and it will easy to decide which one is better for him.

There are some online certification courses, Military training programs, Government sponsored programs, Sponsored training centers which produce good electricians but it is recommended to join fulltime courses where practical training is provided. To become an electrician, student need to learn the complexity of working with anything and everything electric, from installing wires to maintaining appliances. Basically graduate students possess all capabilities to join an entry-level position as an apprentice or electrician. If student chooses to work in construction, work as a maintenance technician, works in a factory, and work with electrical motors and machines. Today, due to a scarcity of trained electricians, there is a high demand of this job. All institutes prefer highly qualified person in order to maintain good reputation so students can make his bright career.

Nature of work in the field of electrician job: Electrical work consists of construction work, which includes reading blueprints, wiring, installing, and testing electrical systems and maintenance work, which involves troubleshooting, testing, and fixing already installed, improperly functioning, electrical systems. Contractors employ construction electricians during the secondary phases of building. Maintenance electricians work as freelancers or for large factories, office buildings, or hospitals. All electricians must have apprenticeship program otherwise they are not eligible for work. Electricians must have deep knowledge to read blueprints and specifications and install, connect, and test electrical devices and power sources. They must know local and federal electrical codes and regulations. Sometimes electricians have to work in odd circumstances where some danger is involved. An important factor to become a good electrician is to know how to proceed in dangerous situation. Apprentices learn the mathematics, engineering competence, electrical safety and first aid required for the job.

Electrician Training Centre, India:

  1. The All India Shri Shivaji memorial society's industrial training center, Boribhadak, Dist- Pune.
  2. Govt. ITI Dheerpur , Sir C. V. Raman Industrial Training Institute, Dheerpur, Delhi - 110 009, TEL: 27128082, 27128083.
  3. Govt. I.T.I (Men), Pondicherry.
  4. Pondicherry ITC, 117, Amman Koil ST., Orleanpet, Pondicherry ( Private Institute).
  5. V.T.Kathavaran ITC, 4. Ayyanar Koil ST., Raja Nagar, Pondicherry (Private Institute).
  6. Govt. I.T.I. (Men), Karaikal.
  7. Govt. I.T.I., Nettapkkam.
  8. Jai Amman ITC, Manjsalai Road, Bahour, Pondicherry (Private Institute).

To conclude, electrician job is suitable for candidates who have interest in electrical work. A candidate who has average academic record and good technical skill can choose this career because sometime these candidates often get disappointed and unable to decide the career path. Electrician is a person who is expert in the wiring and repair of electrical mechanisms. If candidates take high level training in reputed institute and devote their time in practical work, they become a good electrician. These qualified electricians have plenty of jobs and put huge money in their pocket.

There are some important factors which student must keep in mind when opting dietitians as a career. The first point is that he must have profound interest in subject such as planning food, nutritive values of food and habit of helping people. If student choose dietitian career as burden thinking that no other options are money oriented, it will not be fruitful. This course demands great attention, dedication. Slight negligence may be dangerous for patients. Diet is very important part of treatment of patients or to keep person healthy. Secondly, student must have systematic approach and develop a habit to give attention to emergency problems. He must have good personality which can be developed through his own efforts. Dominant figure can influence people or patients who seek dietary advice.

He must have science background and have a sharp mind to understand the situation. It is developed through paying attention to minute details and then analyzing the situation. These qualities will assist student to complete the dietician course without any trouble. Student can build bright future if he has strong base. So whenever a person is going to practice as dietitian, he must have enthusiasm, dedication and ability to perform task well. Dietitian job is a great job and provide opportunity to support people who are deprived of health benefit.