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Relevance of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Various forms of self-defense based on techniques developed in ancient India and other countries like China, Tibet, has come into wide use for self-defense and for exercise. Though martial art is a good sport practice but opponent criticized the martial arts as a dangerous sport. It is important to note that martial art does not cause bodily harm. It has been observed that Martial art teaching is not viewed by a great many people as an actual education. All martial arts, whatever their origin and through which these practices are identified are essential arts which every person must learn to live secure life.

Many people choose martial art training after being stimulated by a particular sporting event or athlete. . There are many types of martial art practices learned worldwide. Boxing, a type of martial art, is just a sport and a way to practice one's striking skills. One form of martial art, Karate may be defined as Karate-do or Karate-jutsu in Japan. Tai Chi is form of martial art which involves the practice of Taoism. Those who learn this art, they must be adjusted in the life by concentrating the navel section of the body - which is said to be the body's psychic center to achieve physical well-being. Commonly, martial arts are inferred in one of two ways. One standpoint is to treat them as entirely physical activities. By this, any martial art is considered as a technical body of knowledge oriented around the achievement of well-defined effects. A martial art is analyzed as a fighting system, the elements of which can be broken down for mechanical analysis. It is an observable fact to be considered in isolation from social or cultural elements. If we scrutinize in this way, a martial art is subject to validation, analysis and adaptation based solely upon the criterion of contest effectiveness. A second perspective is to spot the martial arts as fundamentally cultural systems. The elements of such a system are multifaceted, and may include physical effectiveness, but ultimately a martial art is perceived as a medium utilized to embody and maintain a particular culture, philosophy, or ideology.

Training institute of Martial art

  1. Northern Karate School, 271-I, Model town, Jalandhar, Ph: 91-181- 276765.
  2. Shaolin Hung-Gar Kung-Fu Association of India, Hyderabad. Address: 2-2-1150/1 Hyderabad. India. Ph: 500044.
  3. Martial Art Association of Delhi, Address: H-462, Vikas Puri City / State: New Delhi, INDIA 110018.
  4. Karate-do Indo-Ryu Association International Chandigarh, India. Address: S.C.O. 85/Top Floor, Sector : 40-D City / State: Chandigarh Styles Offered: Shotokan, Indo-Ryu. Phone: 00911724642665. E-mail: info@karatedoindoryu.com Website: http://www.karatedoindoryu.com
  5. Cipher Unit Of Martial Arts Jodhpur. Address: H.No.2262 Rly DS Colony , Near Medical College.
  6. International Isshinryu Karate of Taiso Academy, Cuddalore. Address:15 Thoppan Street Old Vandipalayam Tamilnadu Cuddalore 607 004, India.
  7. Neeti's Institute of Performing Arts, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Location: B-389 Patel Nagar-II Ghaziabad 201001 India.
  8. Arya Samaj Greater kailash-II Dojo Arya Samaj Mandir Hall, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi-110 048.

International schools:

  1. Hapkido Karate School, Korean Martial Art Self Defense 2849 Pacific Coast Highway Torrance, CA 90505. Ph: (310) 534-0023, (310) 534-0880 (fax).
  2. Martial Art Institues Kenpo Jiu Jitsu, 8043 San Miguel Canyon Rd.Prundale Ca.93907.
  3. Bubishi Institute, Shukokai Karate. 76 BOAT HARBOUR DRIVE, PIALBA, QLD. PH: (07) 4124 0322.
  4. The Martial Arts Institute 593 Broadway Massapequa, NY 11758 Contact: Sensei Arango 516-795-4102.
  5. Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts 919-828-4447. MMA Institute 6415 Jahnke Road Richmond VA USA 23225 804.330.3424 804.330.3423.
  6. Martial Art Institute, PO Box 628, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1FF, England, UK. Tel: 07976 610901.
  7. Master Samane's Karate Institute, 300 West Swedesford Road, Berwyn, PA. 19312. Phone: 610-722-9690. E-mail: mastersamane@netzero.net
  8. Soo Bahk Do Karate Institute (HQ) of Cutler Ridge, FL 10674 SW 186 Street, Cutler Ridge, FL 33157 - (305) 259-0440.
  9. The Harlem Karate Institute, 2234 Third Ave NY, NY 10035, Phone: (212) 410-1658 , Fax: (212) 987-1790 . E-mail: info@harlem karate.com
  10. East coast Karate Institute, 485 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342 (610) 361-9442.
  11. Circle Pines Karate Institute, Circle Pines Karate Institute Inc. Northway Shopping Center, 9137 South Highway Drive, Lexington MN 55014 . Ph: (763) 792-2357.

Martial art is very popular among adolescents. In current years many elementary and secondary school physical educators have integrated a variety of lifelong fitness activities into their curriculum. These independently oriented activities are exciting and inspiring for their students. These days, climbing handholds are covering gym walls, kids are walking to school with roller blades draped over their shoulders, and field trips are utilizing mountain bikes and canoes. Although martial art is one such activity that is often mentioned as a potential curriculum addition, it is offered less frequently than many other activities. An important point to be noted, martial art techniques improve student's health-related fitness, performance-related fitness, self-concept and esteem, and cognitive abilities. Although, many physical education professionals would include martial arts in their set of courses but feel insufficient to instruct the activity. Many students seem to stay in martial arts because they take pleasure in a certain level of power or authority. Others enjoy various responsibilities in institutional management.