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Career as a Builder

Builder Builder involved in constructing houses and multi complexes and other office buildings. It is very important that candidate must have perfection and can take strain to complete building project. He may have to work in shifts and he has to make outdoor movement frequently to get success in project. If candidate is interested in becoming a builder, there are numerous colleges that offer courses. Candidate may also contact the building firm who may be taking on apprentices, and he could train as apprentice on site. There is no age bar to become a builder. Candidate must be at least 16, because this age is the school leaving age. So, 16 would be the earliest age to start work as a builder.

Candidate may get a National Vocational Qualification, which are offered by colleges of every education. These are enough to begin career as a builder and get success through their own efforts. Qualifications are important because they give candidate a competitive edge in the market place and candidate develops skill to do good work which other builders would not be able to offer.

Sometimes a big question arises that whether women can enter in this field. The answer is yes. Women surely can become builders, and today most of the firm encourages more women to enter the construction industry. There is a high demand for women builders. Women can better manage work and handle clients.

Skills required becoming a builder:
Candidate must have good communication skill and understand client's requirement quickly. He has a good understanding of building regulations, planning, health and safety. He must know how to maintain business. Builders must also have knowledge of legal matters so that client is satisfied and his business expands. There is some risk in this line because there is too much of competition. Candidate must be intelligent and deal complicated problems tactfully so that these problems do not affect his business.