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Importance of Programmer Job

Programmer There is a huge demand of programmers in various Multi national and national companies. Programs are needed for computers operation. Without programs, computers have no importance. Programs notify the computers what to do simple or complex tasks for payroll calculation, word-processing, operating systems, computer games, business processing, banking applications, etc. The main task of programmers is to write software. They write the instructions that command the computer what to do. Programmers are basically IT professionals who create such programs that run on various platforms including operating systems, the Internet, handheld gadgets, computer-aided devices, or a combination of computer equipment. Programming is a very important job function that services just about every avenue of modern business and industry.

Companies depend on programmers to develop software solutions to critical business problems. Professionals who are working in this profession must be proficient and able to work in teams and work under the pressure to meet deadlines and budgeting constraints. To work in the field of programming candidates must be knowledgeable in software development concepts, computer systems and at least one programming language. Candidates who choose this field should be expert in mathematics and have the ability to solve problems and think in abstraction. Programmers must be able to adapt their skills and be willing to learn new concepts consistently. Software engineering is a speedily changing field and new technologies are continually being developed to deal with old problems in a more resourceful manner. Successful programmers find new and innovative ways to leverage new technology. Programming field offers job as Software Engineer, Application Developer, Systems Analyst, Software Tester, Software Developer, System Analyst and Programmer.

Educational Qualification To become a computer programmer, candidate must have bachelor's degrees in computer science, mathematics, or information systems. Some students first complete business degrees and then do programming courses. A few entry-level positions advertise for applicants with an associate's degree or higher, if the applicant has sufficient work-related experience. In competitive job market, computer programmers must have spirit to learn new languages and keep up with new developments and trends.

Working condition Working environment of programmers is generally comfortable. Most programmers work a 40-hour week; however, it is not unusual for them to have to work extended hours or weekends. This happens when programmers have projects that need to complete with in time. It exerts pressure on professional to meet a deadline or if client requirements change mid-project. The major advantage of programmer job is that they can work from home as the nature of this work, as well as the presence of laptops and the internet, allows for programmers to work from anywhere. Many routine programming tasks have been outsourced and there are libraries of pre-written code that can be utilized to complete more mundane programming tasks

Programming Languages
Candidate entering in the field of the software development must know different programming language. Computer programs/applications/software is written in such languages. Programmers can decide to master one or more languages. Candidate can choose to use certain languages based on knowledge, personal preference or what the environment demands. Due to market demand, programmers generally prefer languages such as: C++ (http://www.jidaw.com/certarticles/cplusplus.html),

Java (http://www.jidaw.com/certarticles/java.html) and
Visual Basic (http://www.jidaw.com/certarticles/visualbasic.html).

IT industry depends on programmers to create new programming languages and to change and enhance existing ones. Programmers engage in all aspects of the software development process which is also identified as the product development cycle.

Programming requires a huge creativity and is both motivating and challenging. To get immense success insoftware development, candidate need be very detail-oriented. Their mastery of details must be combined with logical thinking and the ability to focus for long periods. Programming knowledge is essential for designing software solutions and for problem-solving. Main part of programming is coding. To be a successful programmer professional must not be careless with business and communications skills. Excellent interpersonal skills help cooperation and interaction with colleagues and clients. This is indispensable for understanding a customer's needs (specifications), providing technical assistance to users and for teamwork. Most importantly, candidate must have a positive, can-do attitude to complete programming assignments efficiently and effectively. The ability to manage programming staff and perform project management is main skill of senior software engineers. At this level organizational and management skills are essential.

Knowledge and Certification Professionals must learn a programming language. Learning involves practice, proven results and understanding how programming can be used to solve problems. Certification is helpful in serving programmer to mastery over skills. Popular certifications are those for VB, C++ and Java, i.e. Microsoft's MCSD, Sun's SCJP. Certifications alone are not enough to enhance career in the programming field. Professional's ability to deliver results with a particular language or tool is important. Degrees and certifications are best tools but employers and clients are more interested in proven expertise of candidate with the code. Programmers can develop his skill with modern systems and with the rapid advance of new programming technology, tools and platforms. They must be ready to learn new skills speedily and to cope with the demands associated with constant learning.