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Career as a Makeup Artist in India

makeup artist Makeup, basically the area of an entertainment industry that is developing quickly as people around the globe eager to look beautiful. Makeup artistry is a highly competitive industry in which artists can get success through effective training and their dedication to accomplish the highest standard.

Advertising, television, cinema, events promotion, fashion promotion are activities where the look, appearance and grooming of individuals is very important.

A makeup artist is a professional who uses cosmetic skills and processes to create beauty upon the human body. In simple way, it improves a person's appearance, bringing out colour and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products. These makeup artistry creates ingenious characters and special effects for films, television, photography and theatre.

There are two main types of makeup artist. Cosmetic or fashion artists range from the clerk at the store makeup counter to the artist who prepares fashion models for photo shoots. Being a makeup artist is not easy task. It is a fact a good make-up artist is in high demand in every sphere. Therefore, choosing a career as a makeup artist is right. An entrepreneur can start his/ her own beauty salon or cosmetic company with this qualification. However, if candidates look for job opportunities with employers, there are numerous avenues for him.

Personality Traits of Make-up Artist

To make successful career as a make-up artist, aspirants need to develop important personality traits. They must have attractive personality, dexterity, sound health, energies and excellent communication skills to compete in this field. Candidates must also aware of latest fashion trends. Hygiene and cleanliness. Other qualities such as imagination, creativity and complete knowledge of the cosmetics and other related products have significant role in determining the positive course of makeup.

Academic Qualification for Make-up Artist

To chase a career in this field of cosmetology, candidates do not have to complete high level academic courses. They can succeed in this career with hard work, perseverance and dedication. At the same time, a professional course will always help them to enhance their career in this field. They can complete specialization in make-up under any major academy.

Since expert make-up artists often work in the movie, TV or theatre industries, some theatre production, they must attain bachelor's degree programs allow students to choose a make-up concentration where they can learn skills like basic make-up application, special effects make-up and remedial make-up. Students may also have opportunities to practice their skills during school or community productions.

Person who has innate ability of creativity can perform well in the career of makeup artist. Candidates needs strong imagination, understanding, research and hard work. Professionals, who can make the detailed use of cosmetics, wigs and other tools to give that desired looks, can easily flourish.

Scope and Job Opportunities for Make-up Artist

There are huge opening for Make-up artists in glamour industry. They can get job in Theater, television and film stars as these industries need the help of an expert make-up artist to get that complete look for a character they are playing. A make-up person has to keep different criteria in mind while applying cosmetics to a performer. Whether the person is playing a negative role or a positive character, a make-up man needs to be careful and creative about the kind of look he is supposed to give.

A makeup artist is deeply involved in the most important and exciting events of people's lives, from weddings to Academy Awards. Some makeup artists also find job with celebrities such as models, actors, politicians, and musicians.

In addition to above jobs, makeup artists can also work in numerous department stores as some department stores hire makeup artists to apply mascara and lipsticks on clients. This is a part of their marketing strategies to promote cosmetic products. In numerous cosmetic companies, makeup artists work as consultants.

Makeup artists also get attractive jobs in events like fashion shows, weddings and social gatherings. Good make-up artists are highly sought during these occasions. Beauty parlors, advertising agencies and magazines also recruit make-up artists at high salary.

Responsibilities of makeup artist

Make-up artists must first discuss with clients to determine their requirements, which necessitates good communication abilities. Before applying make-up, professional make-up artists must analyse the individual's skin type and facial shape. Then, they may clean and moisturize the skin to protect it from any undesirable results like acne and provide a clean surface to work on. Make-up artists can also instruct clients on the proper removal of make-up and may even give customers tips on self-application.

Those working in the performing art industry may research the time period, characters or settings of the production they are working on to ensure that the make-up complements the story. Reading the script is sometimes necessary to fully grasp the production, characters and themes. Make-up artists might also need to construct and apply prosthetic pieces for their actors or fit them with wigs to aid in the character transformation.

Salary of Make-up Artist

A make-up artist has relaxed working hours. This is positive aspect of his or her career. As per growth prospects are concerned, it can be said that whether the person is working for any establishment or his own venture, they can ear huge money. But they must have experience, expertise, skills.

In the start of career, makeup artists may not get handsome salary. They usually earn between Rs.5, 000 and Rs.7, 000 at initial stage. Those who are hired for a particular advertising campaign can get Rs 2, 000 to Rs 3,000 a day. Have having 3 to 5 years experience in this field, salary may increase to Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 40,000 a month.

Companies that employ s makeup artist are as under

  1. Salons and spas

  2. Retail stores

  3. Cosmetic companies- for events like ramp shows, publicity events

  4. Entertainment industry- theatre companies, celebrities for personal services, film and television production houses

Experts recommend that candidates who pursue career as a makeup artist must not be very particular at the start of career. If they want to practice make up professionally for theatre, there are very few production houses who would employ a makeup artist. It is important to take a foundation course for both hair and makeup. Also when work happens to be thin on the grounds of makeup, hair dressing will bring in some money.

Make-up Institutes in India

There are several make-up institutes in urban and metropolitan cities in India. Most institutes provide short and long term courses in this discipline to help candidates achieve success.

Following are the top colleges offering courses for make artist :

  • Pearl Academy

  • Lakme Training Academy Delhi School of Beauty and Makeup

  • VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management: set up in 2001, the reputed institutes offer short and long term beauty courses to aspiring candidates in this field.

    Address : 4th floor, GVR Towers, Laxmi Nagar Colony, Near Telephone Exchange, Kothapet, Dilsuknagar, Hyderabad-36, India Ph No: 040- 24051062/63 Email: institute2.hyd@vlcc.co.in

  • Pivot Point Beauty School: this is one of the renowned beauty schools in India where you can look for a variety of courses in this field of cosmetology.

    Address : J-1 (First Floor), Kailash Colony, New Delhi (Delhi) – 110048, India Ph No: 011-6448427/6239542 Email: info@pivotpointindia.com

  • Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness Studio

  • Profile Academy FAT MU Make Up Academy

Other reputed institutes for makeup artist’s courses are as under

  1. Shehnaz Herbal Women’s World International: this is one of the popular institutes in India. students can pursue excellent makeup courses and build their careers.

  2. Address : Sea Bird Building, Bandra, Mumbai 400005, India Dr. Dharmambal Government Polytechnic for Women : this reputed institute has designed one year cosmetology course for aspiring candidates.

  3. Address : Tharamani, Chennai – 600 113, Tamil Nadu, India Ph No : 044 – 2254 2013 Email: ddgpcw@yahoo.co.in

  4. International Polytechnic for Women: this premier institute is well known for providing postgraduate diploma courses in Beauty Technology and Cosmetology.

    Address : SCO-447-448, Sector-35C, Chandigarh-160022, India Ph No: 0172-2603352, 2661156.

It is analysed that career of Make-up artists is rewarding for candidates who have imaginative instinct.

They interpret the make-up requirements of clients to produce both a creative and technically precise visual representation. This may encompass very basic make-up for a TV presenter through to more complex period make-up or special effects.