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Career as a Composer

Composer Composers are basically required in the area of film. The job of a composer is to write a music piece for theatre, TV, radio, film, computer games and other areas where music is used. Candidates interested to choose this career must have music sense and creativity because their main task is to create music that is liked by public.

Composers compose innovative music ranging from pop to jazz to classical. Some composers are also arrangers. An arranger takes music from existing album and puts the melody in a certain order to be played by different instruments. Arrangers can modify the melody to form new harmonies and can change rhythms. They sometimes create a new melody that is used as a counterpoint, meaning it is added to an existing one.

The capability to compose music is not so much a talent as it is an acquired and developed skill. A composer must have a thorough knowledge of music theory, as well as aspiration. Dedication and regular practice is necessary to become successful composer. The main job of the composer is to write an original composition for a particular project. This music will then be performed by a musician or a company. The composer has to develop music piece according to the project assigned to him. If he is composing for film, the music should be according to the story without overwhelming the scene. Composer may writes the music that is fit for instrumental or have lyrics and may be in different styles such as classical, jazz, country or folk. It depends on individual. If a composer writes good piece in classical music, he must write for this field.

Education background
Many composers have mastery over in music theory, composition, orchestration and harmony. There are many composers who are not well trained. Candidates who have decided to choose this career must study music, concentrating on music theory, composition, and music interpretation. Training in music, preferably from a music college or a university is the first step to enhance career in this field. Some undergraduate courses emphasize composition. Postgraduate courses are also available. A composer must be proficient in paying at least one instrument. Since it is a creative work, composer may compose music according to music education he obtained. Otherwise he can take formal training from experienced composers.

To become a good composer, person must have new ideas. He must be creative, versatile, do experiment to compose exciting music, willing to work together and ardent about writing music. Most composers recognize how to play several instruments and knowledge of tune. To choose composer as a career is not very easy. This field is very competitive and demand talent to get success. Candidates have to choose right path and exhibit talent which sounds good to others. Once they gain praise from public by composing good music piece, they can generate huge income. Candidates who choose this profession are serious from childhood and start their musical training at that time. Some children practice at home and some join teacher's studio for enhancing their talent. If a child has ability and wishes to continue career in music, he may join a music school. These schools offer complete courses of study in all aspects of composition, theory, and performance. Young musician may also attend a summer music camp staffed by trained music teachers to become good composer. As a composer, candidates have to spend many hours inventing or writing new or transposing old compositions. Numerous advertising companies hire composers to write jingles for them and although this might seem a simple task, but to compose these pieces a profound knowledge of music is required. Concentration is important, along with self-discipline and organizational skills to compose good music piece. Candidate will also need a musical sense and training, and a love of composing. Musical groups are always in search for new songs and for new sounds. Music can be composed at home apart from time spent in rehearsals with the musicians.

Job opportunities for an unknown composer are quite difficult. That why composers have to find other earning options by continuing the composer job. Composers have to gain experience and contacts by arranging other people's music or by working as copyists, copying other people's music. Most graduates teach music in their careers, either in a school or as a private tutor. Some composers play an instrument professionally, either in a symphony orchestra or a band. A composer may apply to the government or to a private foundation for a funding. The National Endowment for the Arts supports talented composers while they write their music. To get successful in this career, composers require more than talent. They need perseverance, flexibility, and good contacts in the music world.

There are numerous factors which can make successful or unsuccessful composers. These are talent, luck, and timing. Getting a composition performed is often as hard as writing the piece itself. The employment graph in coming years is considered to be average. Enthusiastic composers may find the way and get success through their unique talent. Some may get golden opportunities through contacts and they enhance their career in this line. Composing or arranging is private work. Many composers and arrangers may work at home or in a studio. They typically work at night and on weekends and have long hours of practice and rehearsal. Composers generally receive payments or royalties when their work is performed or published. Those who write trendy music earn a good amount of money than those who write classical music. it is very necessary to know what is the taste of public in music area and composers have to compose accordingly.