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Educational System in India

Education in India is incomplete without the coaching centers available in every nook and corner of Indian towns and cities. In India, education has become a full time occupation of homemakers and their children. Every other aspect of a child is generally ignored and education in India has now become the all encompassing activity of millions of children and parents in India. Even primary kids go for tuitions or coaching as there is a beeline for admissions to good schools. Children below age 3 now know more than they should because at the time of admission there is tough competition. The government is trying its best to lighten the burden of education in India by even doing away with the tenth board exams and the no exams policy till class five. Since there are many school boards all of them have not implemented these latest education policies. The government has recently even reduced the eligibility marks for engineering colleges to as low as 50% so that more and more students get technical education. Despite that the education system in India needs to come of age and that will take a while yet.