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IAS IPS Examination

The IAS IPS Examination is an exam conducted by UPSC for as many as 24 civil services. That is why the UPSC calls it the civil services examination. A career in civil service has always the captured the imaginations of the Indian public over the many decades. It would suffice to say that the interest has not waned even in today´s times when we take into account the number of people who take up the exams each year. Last year 11 to 12 lakh students appeared for the civil service exams and less than 800 qualified.

The exams are highly competitive and require a lot of hard work and dedication to successfully clear them. A career in the Civil Service offers a wide range of career opportunities. This includes policing, collection of taxes, administration, maintenance of law and order, foreign policy etc. Rather than the monetary aspect a career in the IAS or IPS is greeted with a lot of prestige and admiration from all segments of society.

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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of India is the autonomous body that conducts examinations for various government sector jobs in India and the most notable among these are the posts of IAS and the IPS. Many students grow up dreaming of becoming an IAS or IPS officer and are willing to work hard towards that goal, but the competition being what it is, here is a whole section dedicated towards that effort of yours.

IAS - Indian Administrative Service

IAS or the Indian Administrative Service is a prestigious and challenging career prospect for all those who vie to get through after cracking the exams. Only about 150 students get to join IAS cadres in India every year while lakhs of students appear for it on a yearly basis. All this despite the private sector offering better pays and perks for people working in it. One of the key attributes of the IAS is that it offers its aspirants to serve society by enhancing the lives of people. They introduce various policies and developmental projects that promote better standards of living and awareness about the people. Many IAS officers work in rural interiors of India that often lies neglected when compared to the more cosmopolitan cities of the country. It provides a lot of respectability and draws a positive influence in society. The exam consists of three phases.

The first phase is the preliminary exam that consists of two objective papers for 400 marks. Following that is the Main Exam which would be held a few months later. The students are then shortlisted based on their performance in the two exams after which they go through the third phase of interview from where only 150 students would make the cut each year. Students of all streams after graduation can appear in the exam to become an IAS officer. More on the Indian Administrative Service.

IPS - Indian Police Service

The IPS or the Indian Police Service is another popular career option that is fast catching up with the youth of today. A career in IPS revolves around maintaining the Law and Order situation of the country. It is particularly challenging job considering the huge population and the vast size of the country. An IPS is a very influential post and there are many who opt for IPS despite holding a high rank in the exam conducted by UPSC. As the name suggests, a person who becomes an IPS, starts with the rank of a Superintendent of Police which is a high ranking post in the police force.

Both IAS and IPS are part of the joint exam stream conducted by the UPSC. With a similar selection procedure the applicants go through the same screening process. The higher ranked students usually become IAS while the lower rank students opt to join the IPS. However of late many top ranked students have been keen to join the IPS which has become a very important and crucial aspect of the administrative setup. With country often under the clutch of terror threats its important for dedicated minds to rise up to the challenges. More on the Indian Police Service.

IAS and IPS exam pattern

Exam Name Type Details
Preliminary Examination (Objective Type) For the selection of candidates for the Main Examination
Main Examination (Written) For the selection of candidates for interview for a Personality Test.
Interview (Personality Test) Combined marks with Mains are considered for final result
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