Preparation General Awareness

Guidelines for Preparation General Awareness

General Awareness is major section of competitive examination of SSC. Questions in this section are designed to test the candidate's general awareness. The main aim of this exam is to test knowledge of current events. The test also cover questions associated with India and other countries. There are in the area of Sports, History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Polity, Indian Constitution, and Scientific Research.

Though, it is vast area and candidates may find it difficult to grasp everything they can do so through practice material that covers information about such topics. Remember, one has to know the answers at surface level only and no deep study is required.

The pattern of General Awareness in previous competitive exam suggests that there are three major sections that include General Science, Current Affairs, and Miscellaneous study.

In General Science, 35-40% questions are mainly from Biology, Physics, Computers, Chemistry, and Life Science etc.

Current Affairs section covers around 10% questions from latest development in Sports, Awards, Politics, International happening. It also includes questions from Finance and Banking.

The last section is miscellaneous that covers approximately 8-10% of the questions. This section covers topics such as national schemes, Unusual GK question, book name and writer, question from logical analysis, important days etc.

SSC aspirant has to plan systematically for preparation. They should focus on all topics to solve maximum questions in each section. For general Science one must refer to NCERT science books from class 7 to 10.

Candidates are advised to buy Lucent's General Science and broaden their knowledge about general concepts. For current affairs, candidates should read competitive magazines of the last 12 months.

It is important prepare short notes of general information about current events to revise them at the time of exam. If one subject creates monotony then candidates may change the technique of study and focus on other subjects. This will help to memorize concepts, and can help in recalling them easily.