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LSAT Exam Sample Question Papers

LSAT Examination or Law School Admission Test is the test for those to aspire to study Law in Law Schools located abroad. LSAT is the uniform test and paper based test which is organized four times in a year around the world. LSAT is conducted by LSAC or Law School Admission Council, is a non-profit firm based in United States and analyses aspirant’s ability in reading verbal reasoning. The test pattern includes Logical Reasoning – has two sections popularly known as arguments are to test the aspirant’s capability to separate and examine opinions; Reading Comprehension – to test the author’s main idea on the given passage, to find the detailed information from the passage, draw or highlight the conclusions from the passage and lastly describe the passage; Analytical Reasoning – referred as the most difficult section of LSAT test, analytical reasoning is to determine the aspirant’s skill to examine the selection of prospects surrounded in a set of rules , Experimental or Un-Scored Variable Section – to test fresh questions for upcoming exams and Writing Sample – to test the aspirant’s ability to write a flawless and convincing argument.

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