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GMAT Scoring Pattern

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This page can help the GMAT aspirants to explore the GMAT Scoring Pattern.

  • The GMAT test results comprise four different scores: a total score (which is the combined verbal and quantitative scores), a separate GMAT Verbal score, a separate GMAT Quantitative score, and a GMAT Analytical Writing score.

    The total score is reported on a scale from 200 to 800. The Verbal and Quantitative Scores are reported on a scale of 0 to 60. For the AWA score, the scale is from 0 to 6. Note that your AWA performance is not reflected in your total GMAT score (on 800).

  • You get to know your total, verbal, and quantitative score immediately after taking the test. Official GMAT score reports, which include the AWA scores, are mailed approximately two weeks after you take the test and take another ten days or so to reach your address.
  • In addition to these scores, the score report also contains percents (%) below. These "% below" indicate the percentage of examinees who scored below you based on the scores of the entire GMAT testing population for the most recent three-year period.
  • These percentages are important in considering how an applicant for admission to a particular management school compares with everyone in the specified period, with all other applicants to the same school, and with students already enrolled at the school.

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