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RPF Recruitment Process

Railway Board functioning under the Ministry of Railways is the primary body responsible recruiting working and supervisory staff of Railway Protection Force (RPF). Functioning under the Government of India, this body follows several guidelines, for recruitment will be conducted in accordance with RPF rules and amended from time to time.

Selection Procedure

Recruitment is held at least once in two years, subject to availability of vacancies and the number of existing and anticipated vacancies up to 31st December of the following year. Efforts shall be made to fill up 10 per cent of the vacancies by eligible female candidates and reservation for ex-servicemen will be 10 per cent of the vacancies. RPF have not been identified as suitable for persons with disabilities.

Refund of cost of training

A person appointed as a member of the Railway Protection Force must serve for a period or three years. In the event of such person resigning from service, he shall refund the cost of training as determined by the appointing authority or three month’s pay whichever is less.

How promotion rules are followed in Railway Protection Force?

Promotion of member of the Force up to rank of Commandant shall be made on the basis of merit having due regard to seniority. Promotion to rank higher than that of the Commandant shall be made on the basis of merit only. The age limit, length of service and other matters relating to promotions procedures for determining the seniority on appointment or on promotion shall be in accordance with these rules or where no provision has been herein for these matters be in accordance with the Directives. A panel shall be drawn up preferably each year by the Departmental Promotion Committee for each specified category of posts which are required to be filled on the basis of promotion.

What are basic guidelines followed under promotion through exams?

Allocation of marks for written examination and practical test shall be as follows, namely

Maximum Marks Qualifying Marks
Written Examination 40 36
Practical Test (IT, PT and Riot Drill) 20

Candidates qualifying in the above test shall be subjected to a viva voce test for which marks may be awarded having regard to factors specified in the Directives, and the maximum marks shall be as follows, namely, Maximum marks (a) Personality, comprehension, oral expression – 20 marks. Temperament and response, social consciousness (b) Record of service – 20 marks.

How Limited departmental exams are held in RPF?

Limited departmental competitions are mostly held to the rank of Head Constable and Assistant Sub-Inspector. The exams are held as per Guidelines for Departmental Promotion Committee for holding selection. In special cases, deserving Naiks who have been consistently outstanding in their performance in that rank during the last seven consecutive years may be promoted to the rank of Head Constables, out of turn, by the Chief Security Commissioner.

What are retirement rules in RPF?

Superior officers and enrolled members of the Force shall retire from the service on attaining the age of superannuation in accordance with the provision of the extant Railway Rules. Besides right to seek retirement on attaining 50/55 years or 30 years of Qualifying Service Railway employee can opt for Voluntary retirement.

Apart from this, whenever a Security Commissioner or an officer of a higher rank is of the opinion that a member of the Force (being an armed force of the Union) is unfit to be retained in service because of a steep fall in his competence, efficiency, effectiveness or otherwise and where action is not feasible, he may recommend to the Chief Security Commissioner concerned that the member be retired from service.

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