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IELTS Exam Sample Papers

IELTS Exam (International English Language Testing System) is the consistent universal English Test to examine English expertise of a candidate. IELTS, jointly conducted by IDP Education Pvt. Ltd which is a British Council and University of Cambridge ESOL Examination. Anyone who wishes to pursue higher education in English speaking nations is eligible to appear for this exam. The exam pattern includes Listening, Reading ,Writing and Speaking. Listening segment consists of listening to Monologues, Dialogues and Answering set of questions. 40 minutes are allotted to solve four sections in this segment. Reading segment consists of three texts followed by set of questions which categorizes from 10 to 13, the candidate is required to read the text carefully and answer the questions in specified time. 60 minutes are allotted to solve this section. Writing consists of two segments, viz., Academic and General Timing; Academic segment consists of Explaining a Diagram in Task 1 followed by an argument in Task 2. While in General Training segment, the candidate is supposed to write an Article in Task 1 and an Essay in Task 2. 60 minutes are allotted to solve this section. Speaking segment consists of three sections, in the very first section candidate is supposed to give an introduction about themselves. In second section, the candidate is asked to talk on a selected topic and in third section the candidate and examiner will be have a discussion. 11 to 14 minutes are allotted to appear in this segment. IELTS is largely accepted in most of the Universities across the globe hence the demand for sample papers is also more. Here are some of the sample papers for IELTS preparation.