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Preparation Numerical Aptitude

Guidelines for Preparation Numerical Aptitude

Quantitative aptitude is the most important part of any government competitive examination such as SSC, bank clerk, income tax, LIC, railway or even IAS/IPS examination.

The questions in these sections are developed to test the skill of using numbers. The examiner wants to judge the number sense of the applicant.

Numerical aptitude series are designed in manner to test candidate's ability of computation of whole numbers, decimals and fractions and relationships between numbers.

It also judges sense of order among numbers, ability to interpret from one name to another, sense or order of magnitude, inference or prediction of the outcome of computation, selection of an appropriate operation for the solution of real life problems and knowledge of alternative computation procedures to find solutions.

These questions are generally based on arithmetical concepts, theory and relationship between numbers. These are not designed on complicated arithmetical computation therefore candidates must have mastery over mathematics of 12th standard level.

Common categories of numerical abilities: Number Systems and Computation of Whole Numbers, Decimals and Fractions and relationship between Numbers, Fundamental arithmetical operations, Percentages and Averages, Ratio and Proportion, Interest & Discount, Profit and Loss, Use of Tables and Graphs Mensuration, Time and Distance, Ratio and Time, lastly Time and Work.

To prepare numerical ability examination, it is advised to begin with the basic concepts of math. It is necessary to learn these concepts thoroughly to solve complicated questions.

The best book recommended for quantitative section is Quantitative aptitude by R.S Aggarwal. It covers all basics of numerical aptitude.

Numerous question papers from previous years are available in market but it is suggested to try these series when student have detailed knowledge of basic concepts about math and in a position to solve intricate question with in short time. It will help candidate to solve test series without difficulty and may develop confidence to get success in the exam.

Each candidate must follow its own strategy solve the paper. The major factor for success in this exam is to do massive practice.