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Syllabus Of LIC Officers' Examination

Syllabus of LIC Officers' Examination is provided in this section.

    1. Test of Reasoning Ability: This test in LIC Officers Exam has been designed to judge the candidate's thinking power, and it contains questions of various kinds. The test will be partly verbal, i.e., based on or related to words and partly non-verbal, i.e., based on or related to figures and drawings.

    2. Test of Numerical Ability: The purpose of this test in LIC Officers Examination is to ascertain how quick candidates are in working at numerical calculations.

    3. General Knowledge and Current Affairs: The purpose of this test is to ascertain a candidate's general awareness of environment around him and its application to society. The questions will be designed to test the candidate's knowledge of the current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of an educated person, including topics on Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, etc.

    There may also be questions on Geography of India, History of India, cultural heritage, freedom struggle and salient features of the Constitution of India, Indian economy and Society.

    4. English Language: The purpose of this test is to gauge your knowledge of English. Your ability will also be tested through your choice of words, expressions and similar skills.