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Preparation for English Comprehension

Preparation for English Comprehension

English comprehension section basically focuses on the English language and its usage in various subjects. Students have to carefully prepare for this section as minor mistake can lose marks.

In order to get detailed knowledge and learning about this section, students need regularly read English newspapers, best English magazines and novels.

Students must solve numerous mock tests or online test to excel in English language and grammar.

In vocabulary sections, there are questions on Antonym, Synonym/Substitution, Idioms, Spelling, Fill in Blanks.

Grammar section includes Sentence Correction, Sentence Improvement, Direct-Indirect and Active-Passive.

In last section questions are based on Sentence Arrangement and Comprehension.

In the SSC exams, five English questions come in each sub-topic such as 5 questions on synonyms, 5 on antonyms and others.

Vocabulary is most difficult and important part of SSC examination because there are direct questions on synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases. If candidates know the meaning of tough words rightly they can comprehend the passage well. So students need to make special preparation for this section.

To strengthen grammar section, they must know the grammar rules.

Tips to crack the examination: For learning English language and grammar, they must underline the words that they are not able to understand, and use a dictionary to find their meaning, synonyms and antonyms. Such exercise may help them to improve vocabulary as well as the grammar.

Continuous practice in reading comprehensions and improving reading speed will help students to solve questions.

It is advised to read passage carefully and understand the gist of it while solving comprehension passage. Try to organize ideas while going through the passage and look for structural words such as additionally, similarly, moreover etc. Time management is crucial factor in preparing this examination.