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GMAT Exam Pattern

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The GMAT is useful for admission in the B-school in Abroad for management programs .In GMAT you will be having 4 sections
1. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Section
2. Integrated Reasoning Section
3. Quantitative Section
4. Verbal Section

The total time duration is 3h 30mins.The exam is for 800 marks. The score varies from 200 – 800.

AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) Section

  • you will be given one topic on which, you should write an essay on it.
  • The essay should be Argument type (i. e) you should mention the stand clearly and you should sarcastic the author view on the topic.
  • The score varies from the 0 – 6 on point 0.5 scale. The given time is 30mins for 1 essay.

IR (Integrated Reasoning) Section

  • It is more or less similar to Data interpretation section in quant section of GRE, the question types are like multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, two-part analysis & table analysis.
  • The number of questions will be 12 questions should be completed in 30mins. The score varies from 1 – 8 on point 1 scale

Quantitative Section

  • It is fully based upon the maths like the data sufficiency and the problem solving.
  • The number of questions will asked is 37 questions should be completed in 75mins.
  • As it is like the quant section in the GRE. The score varies from 0 – 60. The score increases on point 1 or 2scale, it depends upon the type of the questions.

Verbal Section

  • The pattern will be the same as it is in verbal section of the GRE like text completion, sentence equivalence, reading comprehension & critical reasoning.
  • You have to complete the section in 75mins with 41 questions. The score varies from 0 – 60 on 1 or 2 point scale as it is in quant section.