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SAT Sample Papers

SAT Exam (Scholastic Assessment Test) is mandatory for aspriants who are pursuing a graduation degree in Universities abroad. SAT Exam is conducted by College Board, a non-profit organization based in USA. SAT Exam pattern seeks to evaluate the eligibility of the students who are planning to get into the college. The exam pattern consists of Critical Reading, Mathematics, Writing and Subjects Test; the Critical Reading Test is a 3 sub-sections test with different kinds of questions having Sentence Completion, Short and Long Reading Passages. Mathematics Test also has 3 sub-sections inclusive of 44 questions on multiple choice and 10 questions on grid-in. Further, section includes questions on Arithmetic Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. Writing Test consists of brief essay and questions on multiple choice that covers Error Identification, Sentence Improvement and Paragraph Improvement. Subject Test is taken to judge the candidate's Interests, Expertise and Achievement in exact subject areas. The candidate learns about questions and Paper Pattern from general subjects like English, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science in SAT Exam Pattern.