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SAT Subject Test

SAT Subject Tests are formerly had known as SAT II. These tests are designed to measure the student's knowledge and skills in a particular subject, as well as their ability to apply the knowledge they have gained.

Students take the Subject Tests to demonstrate to colleges their mastery of specific subjects like English, history, mathematics, science, and language.

The tests are independent of any particular textbook or method of instruction. The tests' content evolves to reflect current trends in high school curriculum, but the types of questions changes every year to year.

Many colleges use the Subject Tests for admission, course placement, and advise students about course selection. Used in combination with other background information (high school record, scores from other tests like the SAT Reasoning Test, teacher recommendations, etc.), they provide a dependable measure of the student's academic achievement and are a good predictor of future performance.

Some colleges specify the Subject Tests equire for admission or placement; others allow applicants to choose their subjects.

Subject Tests fall into five general subject areas:

  1. English

  2. Literature

  3. History and Social Studies

  4. U.S. History (formerly American History and Social Studies)

  5. World History

  6. Mathematics

  7. Mathematics Level 1 (formerly Mathematics IC)

  8. Mathematics Level 2 (formerly Mathematics IIC)

  9. Science

  10. Biology E/M

  11. Chemistry

  12. Physics

  13. Languages

  14. Chinese with Listening

  15. French

  16. French with Listening

  17. German

  18. German with Listening

  19. Spanish

  20. Spanish with Listening

  21. Modern Hebrew

  22. Italian

  23. Latin

  24. Japanese with Listening

  25. Korean with Listening

Duration of the subject Tests are one-hour and there are multiple-choice tests. However, some of these tests have unique formats :

SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M contains a common core of 60 general-knowledge multiple-choice questions, followed by 20 multiple-choice questions that emphasize either ecological (Biology E) or molecular (Biology M) subject matter. After completing the core questions, test takers choose the section for which they feel most prepared.

SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics (Level 1 and Level 2) have some questions that require the use of at least a scientific or graphing calculator. Mathematics Subject Tests are developed with the expectation that most students will use a graphing calculator. There are no plans to discontinue or change the content of the Subject Tests in Mathematics Level 1 or Mathematics Level 2.

SAT Subject Tests in Languages with Listening (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish) consist of a listening section and a reading section. Students taking these tests are required to bring an acceptable CD player with earphones to the test center.

Note :

  • Many colleges that don't require Subject Test scores will still review them since they can give a fuller picture of your academic background.

  • If you're not sure which Subject Test to take from a subject area, talk to your teacher or school counselor and visit the Subject Tests Preparation Center.

  • Most students take Subject Tests toward the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year.

  • Take tests such as World History, Biology E/M, Chemistry, or Physics as soon as possible after completing the course in the subject, while the material is still fresh in your mind.

  • For foreign language tests, you'll do better after at least two years of study.