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How to Manage Time on the Day of NEET?

NEET is conducted by CBSE for admission into the most elite and government-owned medical colleges. While all of us are concerned about the preparation part of the exam and spend most of our energy worrying about how to crack the entrance tests, what we miss out on is to also have a strategic plan for handling the pressure and the stress of the day the test is.

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Sometimes even the most prepared students fail to cope up with the abnormal amount of load an exam environment might bring with it. But all you need to learn are NEET preparation tips and stress busting management techniques which will make your exam day a smoothing sailing one.

  • Sway it on Time

  • The best method to probably start your exam day on a positive note is to reach the venue of the exam at least thirty or forty-five minutes early. This will diminish the need to unnecessary panic and will help you stay calm and composed before walking in to appear for the examination. When there is punctuality in the demeanor, the whole exam ritual becomes very relaxed and helps the student remain composed and strategize further in silence. Avoid talking much on the day of the exam and be completely focused. Carry all the necessary documents and apparatus one might require for the exam so that there is no need to be dependent on any person while writing the exam.

  • Be Battle Ready

  • NEET is held for 3 hours and has four sections- Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology. It has 180 multiple choice questions. It is advisable to be prepared with all of the concepts, formulas and techniques. When the question paper is distributed, take your time and read all the exam related instructions before leaping into solving the questions.

  • Master the Glance Game

  • Adapt to this technique soon enough. While preparing, try to solve mock tests. While attempting a mock test, make sure that you prepare it as if you are sitting for the real exam. While preparing, set fixed timelines and solve a mock test. During the mock test sessions, develop and perfect the habit of glancing through the question paper and deciding on the easy, moderate level of questions. Once that scheming is complete. Use the time to answer the questions which are easy and do not waste too much of your time. Adapt to the real-time paper and strategize accordingly. Be prompt and utilize the time well and do not stick to old and discarded methods of solving a question paper.

  • Keep an Eye for the Previous Trends

  • Whilst preparing for NEET, work out the previous year questions and look for trends and any patterns which may have been repeated. Work on those patterns as they will help you on the day of the examination. Strategize and stick to each section for a stipulated period of time.

  • Improvise Further

  • While not all the exam trends can be predicted, it is safe to be prepared with the recent ones. But, all the while be prepared with the fact that there will be brain twisters and questions which may not seem familiar. During such times always assess and move on and come back later for solving that question or to view that exam trend.

  • Tried and Tested. But is it Effective?

  • Based on numerous blogs and tips there is a strategy which has been developed and a system defined which can ensure that the students appearing NEET can manage their time during the exam and answer in a well-rounded way. The strategy can be as follows:

    1. Solve the paper sequentially; start with the easiest questions of any attempted section and move on to the tougher one.
    2. Start fast. But not too fast that you might make silly mistakes. Start soon and solve the easy questions fast so that you do not waste any time on them. Move on to the moderate and tougher questions. In case you are unable to solve those questions, mark them for later and come back to it. Keep filling the ORM sheet simultaneously. Many students get stuck on one tough question and are unable to move further which wastes their time in the actual exam.
    3. Target to finish the biology exam within 35 minutes or maximum stretch it to 45 minutes.
    4. Move on to the Chemistry section after solving the Biology section and finish it within 50 minutes.5. Do not waste time on any one single difficult question.
    5. It is a common belief that the Physics section of the paper is tougher. Try to give that section about an hour or more if you are done with the other sections.
    6. With this system, you will be left with about 15-20 minutes before the exam ends. Use this time to solve the difficult questions and to check the OMR sheet to see if you have marked all the answers correctly.

This strategy may help you manage your time well while solving NEET paper without giving you a panic attack.

Though no matter how much one may be prepared with their time management skills, it all comes down to the preparation done before the exams. Practice your mock tests well which are like real life exams and can give you a real time analysis of your preparedness and an analysis on what one needs to work further on. It will help the student deal with the exam pressure in a healthy manner along with self-crafted solutions to manage time well.

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