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How to prepare for SSC Exams ?

Preparation for Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGL)

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGL) is conducted every year. The first step of preparation for the exam is the awareness of the syllabus, exam pattern and the selection process after qualifying the exam.

Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGL) consists of 4 major sections for Tier I namely Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness and English Comprehension. The Tier II exam consists of two important papers, which are Paper I (Quantitative Ability), Paper II(English Language & Comprehension), Paper -III (Statistics - only for aspirants who have applied for Statistical Investigator) and Paper – IV (Finance & Accounts, Economy & Governance – only for those who are applying for the post of AAO).

Besides, the candidates must have good knowledge in the mathematical concepts (school level) and basic reasoning skills. Aspirants must start their preparation from General Intelligence and reasoning. These subjects can be learned quickly and hence they will infuse more confidence in their preparation.

When they start preparing Quantitative Aptitude, they should lay emphasis on three important things - Concepts, Formulae, and Short Tricks. They might find a lot many techniques for solving a single question. But follow only one technique, because many techniques will confuse them in the examination.

Preparation for Combined Higher Level Exam (CHL)

Aspirants preparing to appear for Combined Higher Level Exam should know the detailed syllabus. Awareness of the detailed syllabus will help the candidates to know all the topics for each section of the exam. Candidates will be able to make a preparation strategy based on their own priority for preparation of various topics.

Candidates should try to learn tricks to solve questions faster, because the exam is time bound and candidates should complete the exam in the allotted time. Besides, tricks and shortcuts will surely guide the candidates to attempt questions fast, leaving them with more time to solve tough questions and hence complete the exam.

Besides, aspirants should solve Combined Higher Level Exam – Model test papers regularly. Try to get previous years questions and practice. This will help the candidates to know the level of the question paper and also help them to prepare themselves in an exam like environment.

Here is a list of time for upcoming SSC Exam.

  1. Allot a minimum of 10 hours daily.
  2. Revise the topics again and again until it is very familiar.
  3. Never add new techniques or new topics, because it won’t help in the last minute preparation.
  4. Practie Mock Test everyday.
  5. Start the Mock Test with subject, which they are more confident about it.
  6. Allot atleast 45 seconds to 1 minute for solving each and every question.
  7. Allot atleast 6 to 7 hours sleep daily