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As large number of Indian students is going abroad for studies and there is a keen interest to know the reasons for such growing trend. As globalization is happening at a breakneck speed, everyone wants to jump into the bandwagon of internationalism and likes to have a feel taking recourse to studying abroad.

Fuelled by the thought that business has expanded overseas and opportunities have skied at the other side of the globe many like to pursue studies in such places to easily fit into the gainful avenues of life.

During education, they imbibe the best and the latest training in a multicultural environmentand subjected to a broad perspective of thoughts. This becomes an important factor in facilitating smooth dealing, first as a student and then becoming a part of the work force there.

There is also concern for money and other factors such as good quality of life that prompts many students to make a beeline for studying abroad. There are some who are motivated to study abroad to enrich their life in every aspect. The exchange of information and knowledge paves way for self-progression andadvancement and helps in becoming a contributing factor to the growth of the society.

As more Indians are going abroad for studies, the above concerns require deep understanding. The way in which one can derive maximum benefit of studying abroad depends upon one's innate bend of mind in tapping the various facilities available in such educational insinuations. Countries such as Singapore, United States, Australia, and United Kingdom are attracting lots of Indians to pursue studies abroad.

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