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Study Abroad in Singapore


Rich Environment : The Harmonious blend of multiple cultures and its cosmopolitan environment is one big unavoidable factor for stability of mindset during the persuasion of studies for students.


  • Clearance of necessary language tests.
  • The student has to get obtain Student Pass for studying in Singapore.
  • The candidate must have, a valid passport, offer letter from university, notification by the university to submit Student Pass.
  • After receiving the Letter of Offer and notification, Form 16 can be submitted online at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website www.ica.gov.sg. (Click on SOLAR under Online Resource.) ICA will only process Student's Pass application after Form 16 is submitted online.
  • Medical Examination as per the rulings of ICA. For first timers, medical form can be obtained from the following link
  • Upon the approval of application IPA In-Principle Approval is send before departure with other relevant documents.
  • (Students are to collect their Student's Pass at the ICA before the Social Visit Pass expires.)

Upon arrival in Singapore and after registration with the University, students have to bring along the following documents to ICA to collect the Student's Pass

  • Passport
  • IPA letter from ICA
  • Embarkation/disembarkation card
  • One recent passport sized photograph
  • Print-out of form 16 from SOLAR and signed by applicant.
  • Medical report for students staying more than 6 months.

Relevant fee and other is payable with other fees by inquiry.

For further details click to link www.ntu.edu.sg


The expenses are reasonable and affordable for middle class people. While students decide on their permanent housing, they can easily find hotels that accommodates their budget.


Singapore is the world´s third most wired nation. So, online transaction of money and other facilities are always widely available. Also it has easy connectivity making conveyance easier and accessible to various resources.


Highly Qualified Faculty:

Due to the rich infrastructure of Singapore, students get better exposure. It is technologically at par with the most developing countries like US.

Students get the best outcome with respect to their studies. All important trade practices and businesses are pursued, such as oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, rubber products, life sciences, electronics, chemicals, financial services, to name a few.

The educational institutions thus also are at par for roll out of qualified manpower in consistence with the businesses of the region where they function thus students get quality education.


  • Scope for other future prospects:
  • Due to official recognition of various Asian languages it becomes inviting for beneficial exchange of cultures and intelligentsia. This fosters neighborly ties paving way for future opportunities in marketing and hence a rewarding career.


Due to the presence of head office of almost every MNC, it´s easier for students to find jobs after the course. Due to recognition of overseas qualification students have advantage. Also the recognition of Singapore education internationally too is of help. --Scope for business advantage : Tamil being an official language in Singapore encourages more people from south. This opens the market for India from south. Indian students are again at advantage.

Universities of Singapore

HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI-IHS)
Nanyang Polytechnic
Nanyang Technological University
National Institute of Education
National University of Singapore

Research & Development

HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI-IHS)
Singapore National Academy of Science
NUS-BioMedical WWW Server