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Study Abroad English

We here at CoachingIndians.com are pleased to announce our newly unveiled section "Continuing Education" which will be geared towards students who would like to further their skills, learn a new trade, or familiarize themselves with new technology or advancements in their field. This area of our website, which will be unveiled sometime next week will feature an incredibly broad array of opportunities for past and present members of CoachingIndians.com ranging from updating computer skills to first aid training, from graphic design programs to advanced English programs.

Many of these courses are designed for students who have become unhappy in their current position and would like to move on to something else, or for those who feel that they have fallen behind on the skills necessary to do their job in the current climate. Technologies and methodologies are constantly changing and updating and the rate that this is occurring is doing nothing but speeding up. It is no longer acceptable to be working a job with skill-sets that have expired and so upkeep of those skills requires diligent upkeep and training. That is what this program intends to provide for it's members. Having a workforce with up to date skill-sets and individuals that are well suited for their jobs is a major priority and one that we intend to invest in heavily

One of the largest aspects of this program will be encouraging the study of English among our civil servants. As English is the world business language, it has become invaluable to speak a fluent level of English. Advanced study-abroad courses designed for those with at least an intermediate level of English will be available and highly encouraged. The courses will take place in various locations in either US or Canada. These will include a second-language English course New York University offers as well as several English courses Canada has made available to our program. The former will be especially interesting to those who enjoy the unique English New York uses. Enrollment in English immersion and all other programs begins in late February. Please check back for more information as it is released.