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Study Abroad in USA

USA has always been a dream destination for international students. India is no exception. Students with different backgrounds, at different points in their academic ladder, wish to study in American colleges. Besides the privileged international degree, America is also home to some of the best colleges for various disciplines.

US is strengthening its dominance in attracting foreign students especially from India. Already every fifth globally mobile students is enrolled in the US higher education institutions (OECD). The recent survey of graduate schools by CGS indicates that the number of applications for US universities has increased by 7% for Indians. This indicates that there continues to be a strong intent of Indian students to study in the US.


  • Bachelor's Degree: 4 years of college
  • Master's Degree: 2 years of college

Undergraduate Programs/Bachelor's Degree

For admission to undergraduate programs in USA, candidate must have completed high school or equivalent. High school passing certificates/diplomas would be required during the application process.

Also there are certain standard tests designed specifically for pursuing higher education English speaking nations of the world, for example, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Scores of these tests are usually valid for a year or more. Along with high-school certificates, test score would also be an important document in the application.

Master's Degree

For those seeking admission to master's programs must have a bachelor's degree. Other than bachelor's, major-specific test score is an important document for a master's application. Some of the popular major-specific exams are GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and GRE (Graduate Record Examination).

Besides the basic requirements mentioned above, academic and extracurricular certificates, experience and recommendation letters also form an important part of the application*.

*List of documents varies from college to college; therefore for complete list of documents for a particular college or any university, get in touch with your counsellor.

Doctorate Programs

Doctorate programs require a master's degree or a bachelor's degree with substantial professional experience, other than the essential scores cards, recommendations and experience certificates.

Expenses of studying in the US

Mentioned below are indicative figures of tuition fee in colleges in United States of America. The variations indicate the range that can see difference in the fee due to various factors like the subject being pursued, location of the college or the application strength.

However, these huge amounts can be arranged with the help of scholarships, loans and other kinds of educational financial aids.

Tuition Fee in American Colleges

Bachelor's Degree

Public College - $ 8000-15000
Private College - $ 10000-20000

Master's Degree

Public College - $ 10000-20000
Private College - $ 15000-25000

Other Expenses