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Engineering coaching is of all kinds, some cater to the high flung IITs while other specialise in coaching for AIEEE where as still some other focus on foriegn university admissions. Infact there are some institutes who also tutor students who are already in the engineering degree course but have either failed in a few subjects or are finding it tough.

Engineering coaching classes in India are dime a dozen but only a few are good enough for the IIT institutes. IIT coaching in India is big businees and often students need the help of these IIt coaching institutes to qualify even though they may actually be brilliant as the coaching centers make one conversant with the existing exam patterns etc, so much so that some panels have suggested taking the board marks as a benchmark with more comprehensive interviews.

Till such changes are accepted there is hardly an escape from these IIT coaching institutes. We have listed some coaching centers for your benifit in an organised manner.

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