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Study Abroad in Australia

Vast numbers of Indians are opting to study abroad nowadays. Some of the prominent destination countries for higher studies are Australia, Singapore, UK, and United States. Of the many prominent destinations, Cairns, Australia is considered the number one study destination in Northern Australia. Offering the world´s best international study programs and amazing attractions, the transfer from India to Cairns, Australia is highly recommended.


Australia has emerged amongst the most favorite option for higher studies.

The basic reason for this choice is due to its perfect infrastructure for nurturing the talent. Pleasant Climatic Environment : Australia has pleasant climatic conditions making stay in that country comfortable and lively.


The following are the major steps in short for Visa processing in the university.

  1. Offer by the university upon acceptance of the student.
  2. Furnishing of preliminary assessment for visa by submission of the following by the prospective student.
  3. Level of entry
  4. Name of course
  5. CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students)
  6. Commencement and concluding dates of the course
  7. Fees payment

If the assessment is favorable upon the furnishing of the above mentioned, the University will send the student an electronic confirmation of (eCoE) certificate. This will be on the instructions of visa office.

After this the student may then be asked to pay OSHC premium. Also, medical tests may be required.

It´s essential for the student to provide secondary list of details:

  1. Capability for bearing air fares, fees and other expenses.
  2. English language proficiency (IELTS).
  3. Personal and financial commitments in India.
  4. Academic record and history in relation to the planned study course.
  5. Other related details .

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In the age of globalization these two important factors are of vital importance.

For students away from home they get convenience in quick access to money through ATMs, online banking, and credit cards which are popular in Australia.

Good transport system ensures easy conveyance.

Besides smooth processing of identity documents for availing license etc is also possible.


  • Highly Qualified Staff.
  • Exposure to the facilities like highly equipped labs etc.
  • Aid for preparation for entrance into Australian Universities.
  • Scholarship schemes.
  • Multi-cultural environment.

Broadly classified, there are numerous universities offering education on the following lines which include all kinds of education.

  • English language course from small term to long term courses.
  • Vocational courses of all types, medical, engineering, financial services and more.
  • School level courses(for children of the immigrants).
  • Non-Degree Courses.Courses which help in degree and certificate courses.

Some of the universities are :

Australian National University [ANU]
Central Queensland University [CQU]
University of Technology,Sydney
James Cook University [JCU]
University of Adelaide [ADELAIDE]
University of New South Wales [UNSW]
University of South Australia [UniSA]
University of the Sunshine Coast [USC]

For extensive list of Universities click to the following link

List of Universities in Australia


  • Recognition of the overseas qualifications.
  • Recognition of Australian qualifications outside Australia.
  • Employment oriented education at par with the emerging commercial trends.

This department for checking the compatibility of education with outside countries is checked by government body.