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Allahabad Schools

Allahabad is famous for good schools, universities, institutes and colleges not only in India but also abroad. Allahabad is a center of students coming from all over India to seek knowledge at the prestigious University of Allahabad. The quality of education is very high. Large number of scientists, agricultural engineers and professionals studied from Allahabad are working all over India and abroad. If some one is planning to live in Allahabad, he can choose below mentioned schools to get quality education and enhance his career.

Major Schools:

  1. Allahabad Public School 2-A, Misssion Road, Katra, Allahabad, Phone: 0532-2608626.
  2. Army School Rajiv Gandhi Marg, Cantt, Allahabad, Phone: 0532-2422228.
  3. Bal Bharati School, 13, Kamla Nehru Road, Allahabad, Phone: 0532-2609537.
  4. Bethony Convent School, Naini, Allahabad, Phone: 0532-2697351.
  5. Bharat Scout and Guide High School, Balrampur House, Allahabad, Phone: 0532-2642776
  6. Bishop George Nursery Primary English School , 13, Kamla Nehru Road, Allahabad Phone: 0532-2606384, 2606155.
  7. Bishop George School, 130 Kamla Nehru Road, Allahabad Phone: 0532-2601447
  8. Bishop Johnson School and College, 9/23, M G Marg Civil Lines, Allahabad Phone: 0532-2623520, 2623838.
  9. Adarsh Vidyalaya Junior High School 12, Chahchand, Zero Road, Allahabad- 211003.
  10. Allahabad Public School 2-A, Misssion Road, Katra, Allahabad- 211002.
  11. D P Girls English Medium School 2, D P Road, Allahabad.
  12. Girls' High School and College, 25 Elgin Road, Allahabad- 211002.
  13. Modern Public School 174/8, New Mehdauri, Allahabad- 211004.
  14. St. Marys Convent School 21, Thornhill Road, Allahabad- 211002.