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Indian students work in different instructions and companies where they have to interact with foreign professionals. To facilitate communication and smooth functioning of organizations, students are inclined to learn a foreign language which is an added boost to career and achieve goal. There are various courses on foreign languages conducted in India to improve the expertise of individuals by teaching thorough knowledge to them on grammar and structure of the language. Candidates who learn foreign languages can enhance their career and find jobs in various disciplines such as diplomatic Services, as teachers, translators in industries, government Sectors and Research Organizations, interpreters, tourist Guides, air Hostesses and Flight Stewards, in hotels, in various levels of hotel management, as Freelancers and as Public Relations Officers. Candidates who have expertise in foreign language may get high position in Multi National companies outside India. They can also find jobs in UNO which appoints experts in six international languages through an entrance examination. Many international organizations employ translators. Translators may get job in Industries, government departments, international organizations and research organizations. Qualified individuals can find jobs as interpreters in international seminars as well. There are great future prospects if foreign language is learned in student life.

The following major foreign languages can be learned through courses conducted in India French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Candidates can obtain Bachelor's degree course in foreign language. The duration of this degree is 3 years. Candidates must have completed a 10+2 in any stream. Students can also get Integrated Master's course in Foreign Languages. The duration of this course is 5 years. They must have undergraduate or graduate degree for doing this course. There are other courses in foreign languages. Candidates can complete Diploma / Certificate courses along with job. The duration is 6 months - 1 year. Eligibility is 10+2.

Candidates who are more interested to build their career in this line can go for Ph.D. Eligibility is M.A in the language for which they are applying for Ph D. If candidates decide to make a career in this line, he must have the capacity to understand the use of language. They need to have flexibility, good people's skill and an outlook for reaching out. It takes time to gain expertise in language hence tolerance and determination are the qualities necessary to learn different languages.

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