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As we all know, Bio-technology is the fastest growing field today that too many aspirants are coming forward to choose this field as their career, Coaching Indians introduces you to the various Career options and Career opportunities in Biotechnology. As this Industry is growing at the rate of 30% per annum globally, India is also catching up with the latest in Biotechnology very fast in almost all the specializations or areas of Bio Technology. Following is our endeavor to give some information to the Aspirants on the recent developments in Biotechnology.

Most of the career options in Biotechnology may appear Inter-disciplinary. There are many more specializations available in Biotechnology to choose than those that we have listed. Careers in Biotechnology vary from diagnostics to animal breeding. Among the latest Biotechnology career options, aspirants prefer to choose among the following major options in their higher studies:

Institutes offering Neurosciences

  1. National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore.
    Program offered: MPhil in Neurophysiology
    Website: www.nimhans.kar.nic.in
  2. National Brain Research Centre
    Website: www.nbrc.ac.in
  3. National Centre for Biological Sciences
    Program offered: PhD in Neurobiology
    Website: www.ncbs.res.in
  4. The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
    Program offered: MSc in Biological Sciences.
    Website: www.tifr.res.in