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Management studies (MBA) has become most popular career course in India. It helps students to enter a variety of management related careers with high starting remuneration.

The curriculum includes a wide range of subjects such as International Business, Healthcare, Systems and Information, Rural management, Communication, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, Personel Management etc.Online MBAs are also available; nowadays you can obtain an  online Finance MBA, or online Entrepreneurship MBA, among others. It also focuses on analysis and decision making across a wide range of management activities.

A career in management is no longer defined by the single name MBA, but it depends on the area of specialisation you prefer. Management Schools offer a wide range of courses as a regular course or as a correspondence course in Management. It is your decision to select an area you want depending upon your taste and capabilites. For this you should be aware of the trends and opportunities in the field of management.

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Management Exams
Exam Date of Notification Last Date of Online Application Date of hosting of Admit Card Date of Exam Result Date
CAT Aug 8th2016 Sep 22nd2016 October 18th2016 December 4th2016 January 2nd2017
CMAT October 10th2016 Dec 10th2016 January 2017 1stWeek 28th29thJan 2017 January 2017
MAT oct 5th2016 Nov 29th2016 Dec 3rd2016 11th,17thDec 2016

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