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Terms And Conditions Of Apprenticeship Through SCRA Exam

This page of coachingindians.com endeavors to give information on the terms and conditions of apprenticeship for special Class Apprentices selected through the Examination.

The terms and conditions of Apprenticeship are as set out in the form of agreement prescribed in the Indian railway Establishment manual, brief particulars of which are given below:

  • A candidate offered appointment as a Special Class Railway Apprentice has to execute an agreement in the prescribed form binding himself and one surety jointly and severally, to refund ,in the event of his failing to complete training as Special class Railway Apprentice or to accept the service as an officer on probation in the Indian Railway service of Mechanical Engineers, If offered to him to the satisfaction of the Government , any money paid to him and any other moneys expended by government on him, the government being the exclusive judge of the quantum of such expense.
  • The apprentices will be liable to undergo practical and theoretical training for 4 years in the first instance under an indenture binding them, to serve on the Indian railways on the completion of their training, if their services are required .The continuance of apprenticeship from year to year will depend on satisfactory reports being received from the authorities under whom the apprentices may be working. If at any time during his apprenticeship any apprentice does not satisfy the superior authorities that he is making good progress, he will be liable to be discharged from the apprenticeship. The government of India may at their discretion alter or modify the periods and courses of training.
  • The practical and theoretical training referred to above will be given in a railway workshop for four years of their Apprenticeship. Special Class apprentices must pass within this period either parts 1 and 2 of the council of Engineering Institutions Examination (London) or section 'A' and 'B' of the associate membership of Institution of Engineers India) Examinations. The apprentices are be granted a stipend of Rs.1300 per month during the 1st and 2nd years and Rs.1400 per month during the 3rd and 4th years. During the apprenticeship, the candidates will be required to undergo both theoretical and practical training. There will be in all six Semester examinations passing each of which is compulsory. f unsuccessful at any of these examinations they will, depending on their performance, be asked to sit for a pass in supplementary examination or reverted to the next lower batch or removed from apprenticeship.

Note: Except as provided for in paragraph 4 below or in cases of discharge or dismissal due to insubordination, intemperance or other misconduct or breach of agreement a week's notice of discharge from apprenticeship will be given.

Before the completion of 4th year of training referred to in paragraph 2 above, the apprentices will be listed in order of merit on the results of the examination held and the reports on the apprentices received during the period of apprenticeship. Successful apprentices are appointed on probation for 3 years in the Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers.

Note: An apprentice will be considered to have obtained the qualifying standard if he obtains a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate in all the examinations held during the six semester examination of his training. Including the marks of the reports of the principal, Indian railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Jamalpur and of the deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer, provided that in each of the six semester exam. he has obtained a min. of 45 per cent marks in the aggregate and a min of 40 percent marks in any one subject.

Unsuccessful apprentices are discharged from their apprenticeship, one month's notice of discharge being given along with the intimation that the apprentice has been unsuccessful.

After Successful completion of 4 years apprenticeship, the apprentices are appointed as probationers in the Indian Railway Service of mechanical Engineers, as per specified rules.

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