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Necessity of Bachelor of Education for Teaching Job

Degree in Bachelor of Education train students who desire to choose teaching as a career. All of us know that teachers are influential figure in school and students mainly interact with teacher for getting education in school. The teachers groom students and assist them to make good individual in society.

Keeping these factors in mind, the course of B Ed is designed so that teachers will be sufficiently equipped with resources that make them an ideal role model for the students. Bachelor of Education or B. Ed is introduced which teach a person about teaching and the different aspects linked with teaching. Once people do the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) coaching or training successfully, he/ she is awarded with a B. Ed degree.

There are numerous colleges in India which offer B Ed courses. If candidate is planning to become a successful teacher, he/ she must enroll for course on Bachelor of Education (B. Ed). Candidates who are serious for teaching and decide to take teaching as profession, B. Ed degree is considered essential. It does not matter whether student is an arts or a science graduate, he require the Bachelor's degree for completing B Ed course.

Govt. Colleges of Education

  1. Institute of Advanced Study in Education. Hyderabad
  2. S.G.S. Institute of Advanced Study in Education. Rajahmundry.(E.Godavari).

  3. Institute of Advanced Study in Education. Nellore.

  4. Institude of Advanced Study in Education, Kurnool.

  5. College of Teacher Education, Mahaboobnagar.

  6. College of Teacher Education, Warangal

  7. College of Teacher Education, NagarjunaNagar, (Nalgonda)

University Colleges of Education

  1. College of Education, Osmania University, Hyderabad,

  2. Sri Padmavathi Mahila Viswavidyalayam, IASE, Tirupathi (Chitoor).

  3. Institude of Advanced Study in Education,

  4. Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi. (Chitoor)

  5. Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapeet, Tirupathi.

  6. Institude of Advanced Study in Education, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

Aided Colleges of Education Intake

  1. M.R.College of Education, Vijayanagaram.

  2. S.A.M.D. College of Education for Women,

  3. Rajahmundry (E. Godavari).

  4. A.J.College of Teacher Education, Machlipatnam (Krishna).

  5. A.M.S. College of Education for Women, Hyderabad.

  6. N.S.R. College of Education, Hyderabad.

  7. D.N.R. College of Education, Bhimavaram.

Private Un-Aided Colleges of Education

  1. Gurajada College of Education, Srikakulam.

  2. Sri Venkateswara College of Education,Payakakraopeta (Visakhapatnam)

  3. C.R.R.College of Education, Eluru. (W.Godavari)

  4. Saint Alphanases College of Education, Hyderabad.

  5. Sri Saraswati College of Education, Azadnagar, Anantapur.

  6. Sri Sankaras College of Education, Karnool.

  7. J.V.R. R. College of Education, Nandyala.(Karnool)

  8. S.P.M.H. College of Education of Women, Machlipatnam.(Krishna)

  9. G.T.P.College of Education for Women, Bhimavaram.(W. Godavari)

  10. Montisori Mahila College of Education,Vijayawada.(Krishna)

  11. Adarsha College of Education, Giddalore. (Prakasham)

  12. R.V.R.R. College of Education,Guntur.

  13. D.V.M. College of Education, Nalgonda.

  14. Gokul College of Education, Nalgoda.

  15. Navabharat College of Education, Bollaram. (R.R.Dt.)

  16. Pananeeya Maha Vidyalaya College of Education for Women. Hyderabad

  17. Viswavani College of Education, Nandyala. (Kurnool)

  18. S.V.B.R. College of Education, Badvel.(Cudapaha)

  19. Siddartha College of Education, Vijayawada (Krishna)

  20. Aakula Sriramulu College of Education, Tanuku (West)

  21. Ekasela College of Education, Janagam.(Warangal)

    It is sometimes asked why candidate should opt for B. Ed course for teaching job. Student think that any graduate degree is enough to teach student in particular subject as they have mastery over subject in their graduation course. But this is a great confusion. Knowledge in a subject is one of the good qualities of person but this quality does not fulfill the criteria of teacher.

    Candidate becomes well-organized in teaching subjects of his specialization on the basis of accepted values of learning and teaching. Doing this course develops skills and widens understanding so that candidate can communicate good education to students.

    The course also educates candidates about the attitude and makes them skilled in forthcoming teaching techniques. After doing this course, candidate become more proficient in understanding psychological principles of growth and development and individual differences of the students he teaches. Candidates learn to guide the children and counsel them in solving their personal and academic problems.