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Serve Community Service for Better Society

In our society, many people are interested in community service. These people really understand the meaning, usefulness, or significance of charity. If experts and professionals deal with burning problems of society then various critical issues can be identified and government and social agencies can take preventive steps and discover roots of these problems to develop better society.

Community service is a very important for enhancing the life of populace. This service gives real satisfaction to person who is involved in assisting community. Many of us are not interested in earning huge amount of money for helping people because people get satisfaction to see people trouble free. This is a great feeling. The feeling of helping someone in distress relives some people from stress and anxiety they experience in their own life.

There are few great people who go out of the way to help someone in danger. They just represent their humanity as their thinking is high level and they assess that as a human, it's their responsibility to aid people who are deprived of basic facilities or trapped in problems due to some odd circumstances. Community service make person feel better about self in the long run.

There is no age bar in serving community services. Students can work as a volunteer to find out the causes of many troubles faced by people and provide solution to government and non government organization so that they can work in effective way to help community. Students who join a program of community services gain confidence, gets an experience to meet new people and learn new things.

Community service provides a variety of exceptional benefits to the students, the community and to the organizations where students volunteer. Many researches have demonstrated that student can learn, develop personal skills, and professional development when spend more of their leisure time and energy in educationally focused activities such as community service. It also develops individual's leadership skills, sense of community, self-esteem, and other personal characteristics.

There are many community service activities which provide students with the opportunity to discover possible careers, experience the important facts of their selected career field, develop specialized skills and contacts, build their resume, and provide an opportunity to do practical whatever information they have learned in educational settings. Community service also helps individuals or groups to deal with various issues rising in society.

Students, who provide their community services to organizations, can benefit not only in developing career but they experience numerous ways to solve emergency problems. These activities also benefit organizations enormously. Basically, non-profit agencies and government programs are generally involved in community services. These agencies have limited budgets and extremely high workloads. Volunteers can contribute to these agencies to lessen the workload to tackle the multifaceted and growing needs of society.


1) The Institute for Community,

Service-Learning, and Nonprofit Leadership,
Slippery Rock University,
Robert A. Lowry Center,
Slippery Rock,
PA 16057,
Phone: (724) 738 ? CARE,
Fax: (724) 738 ? 2314.

2) The Institute for Public Management and Community Service University Park Campus,

PCA 350B,
11200 SW 8th ST. Miami, FL 33199.
Ph: (305) 348-1271
or e-mail: rosenbau@fiu.edu.

3) Gateway Community Action Agency,

P.O. Box 367, 124 College Street,
West Liberty,
KY 41472,
Phone: (606) 743-3133
Fax: ( 606) 743-1130. Hours: 8:00-4:30

In India, there is a course of National Service Scheme at collegiate levels to support Social Integration. Such programs successfully reduced crime and delinquency among the children and youth. Students involved in such program and provide services in neighborhoods and communities to enhance living style. The NSS is a developmental scheme in which approximately two million youths are engaged.

It is connected with input of hours of work, and a grace of 10 marks at the annual examinations. But, the students take part in these activities with great enthusiasm and positive results can be observed if properly implemented. The purpose of NSS is to develop good persona of students through involvement in community services and teach them to achieve their social awareness.

It promotes harmony and assimilation of urban and rural. The major benefits of these programs are that these activities familiarize the inner-city students to understand the actual conditions of rural life. To promote community services, Punjab University is starting a new Post-graduate Course in Community Education and Development in Department of Community Education and Development from the current academic session (2008-09)

In present scenario, people require more help due to catastrophes occurring in various parts of world. For example, the tsunami in South Asia has caused an unparalleled amount of destruction and people suffered great pain. The unbelievable incidents, rape, murder and displacement of large number of people require dominant and dedicated volunteers to serve great services so that populace can live normal life.