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Animation Courses In India

These days, animation courses can be taken up anywhere in India, from the bigger cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai to smaller villages and towns in the interiors of India.

There are many learning companies like Arena Multimedia and NIIT that offer Animation Courses in even very small towns of India. Apart from big brans there are smaller individual setup in localised parts that offer animation courses in India.

Choosing the right company or institute for your animation course may look tough but there are only two criria that one needs to look at the repute of the institute offering the animation course and the ability for personal guidance. ONe should also avoid paying large sums of money just to learn an animation tool.

If getting ajob is is all you wish take teh basic course and join a company for as little salary as they offer because that will be your learning ground. A company can teach you more than any animation course ever can. You need time and practice in real time to pick up the finer points of animation.

So don't worry too much on which animation course you should take, just do any one first and then as per your job demans you take individual animation programs coaching.