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How To Prepare for Studying Abroad

The importance of Non-Academic skills

Studying abroad is one of the best times in a student’s life and can significantly enhance their future prospects. But when it comes to admission, many universities concentrates not just an academic qualification and scores at the entrance exam, but focus on the overall achievements and developments of the aspirant.

Many universities are aware of the fact that many of the students possess the sufficient academic skill and ability to study and graduate. Though academic prowess is a must, they feel it is insufficient. Due to the fact, many colleges accept only less than 8 -10 per cent of them. Thus, more than 75 per cent of the students are selected on the non-academic accomplishments. It could include extracurricular activities (school or community) that demonstrate commitment, passion, leadership, time management skills, inter personal relationship with team-building efforts.

Besides, students should also have to impress the particular faculty member whose group in the College, they are applying. Selections really depend a lot on the faculty member, where the student’s portfolio of past projects, patents (if any), paper presentations, will make a big difference. Moreover, students whose achievements are national and international level can work well through the selection. And this difference makes the student unique and interesting, thereby enabling him/her to get selected in the group which he desires.

These criteria are strictly followed in top colleges who have their own institutional needs, where admissions office works hard to identify and admit such students. Because, they need aspirants who regularly make things happen for themselves and others with great self-initiative. During the selection process, experts in the admission department are aware of the culture of their college also see if the student is a match. For example, MIT is an active place and so it is well suited for aspirants who made the action-kind and not suitable for intellectual kind. So, they don’t just pick a student based top scores and perfect grades, as most aspirants believe. It's different.

In terms of admission, aspirants regardless of the course they seek admission, must try a few things for personal needs and mental faculty. For example, if a student enjoys being a boxer, he/she must go with it. Practice the sport more than anyone believes is sensible. He/She must participate in the competitions locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Many top colleges and universities are looking for people who have the urge to push hard and perseverance to succeed wildly at something. They follow the philosophy, which they believe, if someone who has the strong determination to succeed wildly at one department can repeat it again. Besides, aspirants must spend some amount of time on art, humanities classes. They can buy a good essay book for improving their reading and writing skills.