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Graduate Record Examination GRE

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a Standardized test that is intended to help the graduate schools (of all subject areas other than business) assesses the potential of applicants for advanced study. More than 2300 higher educational institutes / universities in the US require GRE scores from each applicant. The GRE Subject Tests check the undergraduate achievement in eight specific fields of study.

GRE Exam is helpful for pursuing the higher studies in abroad in the field of science and technology. Here, you can get exam pattern, how much you need to score in exam in need to pass the exam, which are institution which offers a quality education according the preference of your place.

GRE Exam pattern and Exam Score

A candidate may take either GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test or both depending upon the courses and the Institute or University requirements.

The GRE tests the fundamental skills such as Reasoning and Comprehension included - and does not require any subject-specific theoretical study. (This is true only for the General GRE Test, and not the GRE Subject, which is required by certain universities. In this section, we mean the General GRE Test whenever we refer to the GRE Test)

The GRE exam can be conducted in either hand written or online. The hand written exam is available only in USA and online exam is available world-wide including USA.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE), the exam is for 3h 40 mins with score of 340. The 260 is base score, the score varies from 260 – 340; there are two sections verbal and quant (130 - 170) each; there 5 sets, each set is of 20 marks. For both the quant and verbal, there will be 1 point increment and negative marking. In which the one set will be random set that will be eliminated at random pace. On another hand, there is AWA section; it will have two sets (issue and argument) essay. The score varies from 0 – 6 on 0.5 mark increment.

VERBAL SECTION: It has three sections
1. Sentence equivalence
2. Text completion
3. Reading comprehension

1. Sentence equivalence: The sentence equivalence is where you will be given to find similar words which fits into the sentence. If the all options are correct you will be given 1 point increment.
2. Text completion: The text completion, it is type of sentence where there will be one or more blanks: you need to fill all blanks correct, if any one of the options are wrong. Then no points will be awarded.
3. Reading comprehension: The reading comprehension is major part of the verbal section; the questions may range from 10 – 12 questions. In brief, you need to analysis the paragraph and answer the question accordingly. Some questions will be multiple choice option questions; you need to choose more than one option. You can skip the question within the section and answer again but cannot skip between the sections.
The verbal will be 20 questions with 30 mins in section

QUANTITATIVE SECTION: The quant section will be asked from Algebra, Data interpretation, geometry, Arithmetic calculations. They will be asked in the in-form numeric entry, selecting one option and multiple chose option. You can skip the question within the section and answer again but cannot skip between the sections.
The quant will be 20 questions with 35 mins in section
AWA SECTION: There will be two sections Argument and Issue section; you will be given 30mins for section. In both sections, you should write an essay on the topic.
1. Issue section: In Issue you mention your stand clearly and defend your statement.
2. Argument section: In argument you should criticize the author statement and make your stand strong.
GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a consistent examination to get admissions in the graduate colleges or business schools based in United States and many other countries where English is the major language. GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS), it is an organization based in US. Candidates who aspire to pursue a Post-Graduation degree in Management, MBA or Doctoral degree are eligible to appear for this examination. Additionally GRE has revised the pattern of General Test as there are seven subjects in GRE Exam which tests the candidate’s knowledge in their corresponding field.

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