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Inlaks Scholarships

Inlaks Scholarships provide the opportunity to young people with exceptional talent in any field to broaden their vision abroad and improve their skills to operate in society, thus making them a future vehicle of change in their environment. The scholarships are of two types: university courses and specific programs.

University Courses

Scholarships for up to 2 years at top American, European and UK institutions, for degrees in all kind of subjects, except Engineering, Computer Science, Urban Planning, Business Studies, Medicine, Public Health, Indian Studies and History. Candidates must have admission to their proposed course of studies before applying. Specific Programs Proposed by the Candidate

Scholarships for research, training or professional improvement to be carried out abroad either independently, or attached to a leading institution. Candidates are expected to provide full details of their proposed programs, including time and travelling plans, a full breakdown of costs, and evidence of agreement with such institutions if required.


  • Scholarships are open to all Indians of either sex who hold a good degree from a recognised university and are resident in India at the time of application. All applicants must have done their first degree in India.
  • It is essential to have prior admission to the institution and course chosen. The Foundation will not consider candidates without admission or pending admission. The institutions concerned must only be top rank.
  • Candidates must be below 30 years of age on the first of July in the year of application. Preference will be given to candidates who have not yet studied abroad. Candidates who are already studying or have started their program abroad are not eligible.
  • The award of other grants, teaching assistantships and support from other sources for the proposed programme will be regarded by the Foundation as a positive factor. The Foundation also encourages applications from young people currently employed.

Application and Selection Procedure

Application forms are available from the 10th of January to the 15th of April from the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, C/o Inlaks India Foundation, 86/87 Atlanta, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021. They must be completed by the Candidate and submitted at the same address by 15th of April. They must include:
  • Evidence of admission to a university or a course, and full details of the institute's financial requirements. One self - addressed stamped, (Rs. 10.00) envelope (4" X 9").
  • Candidates in architecture, fine and applied arts, and related subjects must submit twelve colour transparencies of recent creative work in a plastic folder, giving the size of the original, the material used and the date of completion. This material will not be returned. Candidates for Film, Dance and Acting must submit CD, which will be returned. Candidates for Music should submit tapes/scripts.
  • Evidence of any outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities in any field.
  • Do not send copies of academic certificates with the completed form. These will be needed only at the time of the final interviews. An independent Inlaks Selection Committee carries out the selection.
  • Applications received are analysed and evaluated, and the Committee subsequently calls the most interesting candidates for interviews. All applicants must be available for interviews in India. They usually take place in Mumbai or Delhi at the end of May, in two stages: preliminaries, and for those who make it, finals. Candidates short-listed for the interviews will have to arrange for their own travel and accommodation. Candidates who do not receive any communication by 1st of June must assume that their applications have not been successful.

Application Form

This form can be downloaded, filled in and sent to,
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation,
C/o Inlaks India Foundation
86/87 Atlanta, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021.
Online Download Application Click Here

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