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Treasury Management India

The course is relevant to anyone in a finance function within their organization which can pertain to both the private and the public sector.

Treasury management is the management of an organization's liquidity to ensure that the right amount of cash resources are available in the right place in the right currency and at the right time in such a way as to maximize the return on surplus funds, minimize the financing cost of the business, and control interest rate risk and currency exposure to an acceptable level.

One must possess highly focused knowledge of capital markets, money markets, instruments and investment avenues, treasury and risk management and related areas which is very essential for managing the treasury profit center successfully.

Treasury Management includes a firm's collections, disbursements, concentration, investment and funding activities.An MBA in treasure management will give a student a better understanding the major facets of treasury and financial risk management.

This course will be particularly useful to people who are accountants, finance managers, internal auditors, treasury officers, managers and senior management who need to supervise treasury functions.