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Digital Marketing

An MBA in digital marketing is an upcoming domain pertaining to the World Wide Web has opened up millions of opportunities. With internet becoming an accepted necessity of life, the web domain has now opened up to limitless opportunities for business. As a Digital Marketing Manager, you will plan, execute, measure and analyze end-to-end customer acquisition and retention campaigns via a range of digital media: SMS, mobile web, PC web and email. In such a course the students learn how digital marketing has changed business practices. They would be thought how to gain customers through creating web sites that sell their products which they later on measure, evaluate and correct to obtain optimum performance.

To succeed in this course students need to possess a basic working knowledge of the World Wide Web that includes web page creations and marketing techniques that can be use to acquire potential clients. The student also needs to well versed with social media networks like facebook, orkut and others which have flourished and shown tremendous potential over the past few years.