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Student Hostels in Hyderabad

If you are a student looking for hostels in Hyderabad, here is the list for you to see from. With hostels for UG and PG students you have lot of options to choose with respect to the area for your convenience. Hostels for women with necessary amenities for convenient stay have been specifically mentioned which can be looked upon here.

The list of hostel facilities have been taken from secondary sources. So please verify the authenticity of the hostel details enlisted here before opting for it.

Hostels in Hyderabad

Hostel Name : Bishop Wesley Boys Hostel Methodist
Address : Boggula Kunta Hyderabad 500001
Tel : 4754590
Hostel Name : DA Hostel
Address : Barkat Pura Hyderabad 500027
Tel : 7566008
Hostel Name : Brahmin Students Hostel
Address : New Nallakunta Hyderabad 500044
Tel : 7564768
Hostel Name : Gouda Hostel
Address ; Himayat Nagar Hyderabad 500029
Tel : 7637986
Hostel Name : JVR Velama Hostel (Pt)
Address : Himayat Nagar Hyderabad 500029
Tel : 7600856
Hostel Name : Mesco House Boys Hostel
Address : M Pet Hyderabad 500036
Tel : 4072362
Hostel Name : Vyshya Hostel
Address ; Kachiguda Or X Road Hyderabad 500027
Tel : 7568348
Hostel Name : Padmashali Hostel (Pt)
Address Raj Mohalla Or Road Hyderabad 500027
Tel : 4759905
Hostel Name : Narayana Swamy Saravana Murthy Hostel
Address : Gachi Bowli Hyderabad 500008
Tel : 3001035