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Engineering Branches

Engineering is one of the rewarding careers for creative and innovative candidates. The field of Engineering is very challenging and interesting with finding solution for technological problems by applying the principles of science and mathematics. The Engineers work in various stages of planning, designing, construction, production, testing, implementation and maintenance.

Engineering has a wide range of career specialties. Let us see about few of the top engineering career types.

Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering

Aeronautics and Astronautics engineering were branched from Aerospace. The Aeronautics deals with construction of aircraft which is operated within Earth's atmosphere whereas Astronautics involves the construction of spacecraft which is operated outside the Earth's atmosphere. Astronautics is informally called as Rocket Science. Undoubtedly there is a rewarding career in Aeronautics and Astronautics in India and Abroad.

Computer and Software (IT) Engineering

Computer Engineering deals with both software and hardware. So it comprises of computer science and electrical engineering departments. Computer Engineers design computers and the basic software to run which includes "embedded" systems which run cars, games and aircraft. Software Engineering deals how to design and build software which includes software architecture, software testing and software deployment.

Automotive and Automobile Engineering

Automotive engineering deals with mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, and safety engineering, concerned with automobiles. Basically the vehicle design falls under automotive engineering, including its design and its manufacturing phases. There are three broad sections in automobile engineering, and which are, product engineering, development engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Practically every part of vehicle design falls under automotive engineering, including its design, right from its initial concepts to its manufacturing phases. The Automobile engineering studies deals with the design, creation, manufacture and operation of machines relevant to automobiles ranging from motorcycle to heavy vehicles like buses and trucks.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical engineers specialize in the production and transmission of high-voltage electrical power. The Electrical Engineering focuses on the use of heavy currents and the use of larger and more powerful structures and mechanisms. Electronics engineering deals with electrical components, the design of integrated circuits or control and signal shaping hardware for monitoring devices and sensors. Electronics engineers are involved with electrical components and low-voltage applications, like radios, televisions, computers and telecommunication equipment.

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

There is a high concentration of Electronics and Communication degree programs. Many programs are offered from the bachelor to the doctoral level. The avenues for employment in this mode of engineering is open to systems engineers, research engineers, controls engineers, communication engineers and electronic engineers, as well as researchers and university professors. These programs equip people for these roles. Associate's degree in this domain is also possible. This is what majority of people in rural areas do. This is a beautiful engineering degree looking forward in the direction of science and maths.

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

This branch of engineering primarily focuses on the principals and operations of measuring devices. These device are primarily used in the design and configuration of automated systems. Instrumentation technology is responsible for creating, constructing and controlling the device and systems found in manufacturing plants and research institution. Germany is a country offering numerous opportunities in this domain. This mode of Engineering is the basis of mechatronics and robotics engineering. These field promises growth for candidates with a degree in Intrumentation technology.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is not just limited to chemistry but the application of physical sciences and life sciences in economics and applied mathematics producing changes in various fields. The students with a chemical engineering degree have a future abroad rather than in India. Dive into this domain of engineering and come out with flying colors. The institutes in india offering this prestigious course are Indian Institutes Of Science (IISC) Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a successful system of engineering, it is a sought after course by young wishing to plunge into the arena. It basically involves the design, production and the operation and control of the machinery. There are plentiful engineering colleges in India offering the dynamic course. It is always better to study from a reputed institute since it helps in the long run. Studying this course offers ample opportunities for future studies and employment in india and abroad.