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Syllabus Of Indian Navy Sailors Matric Entry Recruitment Examination

The syllabus of Indian Navy Sailors Matric Entry Recruitment Examination comprises of four subjects of written test, as given under.

1. English Syllabus

Question paper will comprise of questions from Comprehension, Transformation of simple sentences, Punctuation, Tenses and Parts of Speech.

2. Science Syllabus

Physics: States of Matter, Universe, Chemical Bonding, Electricity, Gravitation, Newton's Laws, Simple Harmonic Motion, Work and Energy, Heat, Light, Nuclear Energy Chemistry: Metals and Nonmetals, Carbon and its compounds. Health and Nutrition, Biology: Physiology.

3. Mathematics Syllabus

Algebraic identities, Surds, Linear and Simultaneous equations, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, Quadratic equations, Set theory, Polynomials and Exponents.

4. General Knowledge Syllabus

Who's Who, Sports, Entertainment, Indian History and Geography, Discoveries and Inventions, Elementary knowledge of Computers.

The question paper will be bilingual and of objective-type and of one hour duration. Candidates are required to qualify in each Section. The standard of question paper will be that of matriculation level. Those who qualify written test will undergo Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and those who qualify PFT will undergo medical test.