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Teaching Career in Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that equips students to develop problem solving skills. Candidates who have good academic background in mathematics may get high level jobs in numerous companies and educational institutes.

Teaching profession in mathematics facilitate students to the learn mathematics in elementary, junior high, or high school level. Math teachers help students understand mathematical structures, conjecture and verify solutions, think hypothetically, and understand cause and effect.

In elementary school, mathematics teachers concentrate on simple operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, along with basic geometry and measurement.

At the middle school level, teachers must be more professional, instructing students in subjects such as algebra, data analysis and geometry.

At a high school math teacher have to take a range of classes, including algebra, pre-calculus and calculus, advanced geometry, statistics and trigonometry.

Main responsibility of a mathematics teacher is to prepare lesson plans, and do homework correction, conduct tests and quizzes, Compiling notes and resource specialized materials for outside reading, utilizing the most appropriate learning strategies, engaging the class in stimulating discussions and conducting research and publishing the findings.

Educational qualification: Candidates who want to become a math teacher in a High Secondary school must hold a bachelor's degree or Master's degree in mathematics. In addition must have completed teacher certification requirements such as B.Ed.

To become a good math teacher, candidate must have problem solving skill and use logic to recognize strength and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problem. Teachers must have effective communication skill so that students can understand the mathematical concepts easily.