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Career as Statistician

Today career as statistician is in high demand in various fields. Experts in Statistics use Mathematical techniques and computers to analyze data in the areas of business and science.

These experts process and investigate the data in context, looking for patterns to help make decisions. They advise on findings and proposed strategy. Statisticians mainly work in teams, with other experts.

Main job responsibilities of statisticians are designing data acquisition trials, assessing results, analyzing trends, applying statistical methodology to complex data, acting in a consultancy capacity.

Statisticians design and implement data, gather and manage computer systems and software. They supervise junior statistical staff, using statistics to make forecasts and to provide projected figures.

Statisticians present information in a variety of formats, conveying complex information to people who may not be specialists. They also liaison with colleagues and attend meetings.

Statistician requires a deep Statistical and Mathematical knowledge to become experts in this field. To become statistician, candidates must complete a degree in disciplines such as Statistics, Economics or Mathematics. Qualifications in operational research, medical/life sciences and business studies are it's add on requirement.

For being a good statistician, it is essential to develop good analytical, information technology skills, numerical skills, analytical skills, written and verbal communication skills.

Statisticians are specialized in producing reliable data, analyzing data to make their meaning clear, drawing practical conclusions from data.

Mathematical statisticians are concerned with the theoretical study of the broader subject.

Statistics mainly concentrates on to investigate causality, which allows statisticians to show the effects of changes in data on variables.

Few of the many specialized fields in statistics include actuarial science, econometrics, demography, data mining, image processing and biostatistics.

Statisticians get array of job opportunities in different sectors like health, education, government, finance, the environment, transportation and market research.

Governmental statistical agencies, Office for National Statistics (ONS), hospitals, regional health authorities, medical registries, industrial, pharmaceutical and commercial companies, publicly funded research councils, educational bodies also recruit Statisticians.

In brief, Statistician's major task is to collect, analyze, and present numerical data results from surveys and experiments being done for practical purposes.